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Cycling in Bangkok

Sports & Health

Even though Bangkok’s climate is very hot, the locals in Bangkok enjoy their sporting activities a lot. As a result, most tourists in Bangkok can enjoy a vast number of gaming and sporting facilities that are available throughout the city.

Weekends are a great time for the locals and outsiders alike to catch up on sporting and other activities which are otherwise forgotten in the hustle of day to day life.

Among the many kinds of sports played in the city, football (soccer), badminton, tennis, snooker, cycling, Muay Thai boxing, and golf belong to the most popular activities. The city has some great facilities for indoor and outdoor activities.

Thai boxing (Muay Thai)

Thai boxing, which is also known as Muay Thai is a type of martial art that which can be practiced in Bangkok. It is one of the most loved and revered sport in Thailand. You will find plenty of fighting venues (e.g Khao San) where training for the same is given. There is though a certain amount of physical fitness that one has to attain and dietary changes tat need to be made for foreigners to even qualify to be trained in this martial art.


Golf, as a game has plenty of takers in Bangkok. The fact that Tiger Woods, the renowned golfer is half Thai makes many people turn to this sport. Golf Clubs here offer excellent facilities with great quality 18 hole courses in the city itself. Both locals as well as visitors to the city take advantage of the great facilities that the city has on offer for lovers of the game.

Football (soccer)

Football (Soccer) is the most popular game in Bangkok. As a result of the wide spread interest and the facilities provided within the city, the local football team has achieved high standards. The Thais play football wherever they can. Even the foreigners in Bangkok have started their own Football clubs. The Dubliner, the Winking Frog or even the Bulls Head on Sukhumvit Road are some places where you can try out your passion for the game.


The interest in Tennis as a game has increased by manifolds with the success of the likes of Tamarine Tanasugarn or Paradorn Srichaphan (Thai tennis players). Bangkok offers many tennis courts and facilities for the interested. The Bangna Tennis Court on Soi Bangna for example, or the Kanapaibun Tennis Club on Sukhumvit Road are some of the places you can frequent if you would like to pursue the game in the city.

Snooker and pool

Snooker and pool are popular games among the youth in Bangkok. You will find most of the pool tables here with American dimensions. The Bulldog on Sukhumvit Road, Gullivers on Sukhumvit Soi 5 and Khao San Road, apart from most of the high end hotels have pool tables where you can enjoy the game.


Cycling in Bangkok will add a new dimension to your traveling and exploration of the place. Plenty of services with Bangkok Bike Rides give you the ample opportunity of getting out to the countryside. There are plenty of tourists who avail this facility as a unique way of discovering the city as well as its fringes. Your hotel can make arrangements for the same. You can avail a day trip for 1,000 Baht.


Chess is also an activity that is practiced frequently in Bangkok. One very known place for that is the O’Riley’s Pub on the Sukhumvit Road near Sala Daeng BTS Station where Foreigners and Locals have chess battles. Also, there are many tournaments which are organized by the Bangkok Chess Federation.

Fitness, gym & swimming

Like any other bustling city Gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools are some of the basic facilities you will find at more or les all the hotels with some kind of standard. If you don’t have a swimming pool or a gym at the place where you are lodging you can always try for other public and private places that will allow you these facilities at a price. Swimming pools are also available on the Sukhumvit Road at places like Sivalai Club. California Wow chain is a gym with the best of facilities that you can enjoy located all around the city. Long time membership in some of these places might see a reduction in normal prices.

Other interesting activities

There are plenty of Sports Stadiums that host sporting activities and loads of such fun activities that sports enthusiasts can enjoy while in Bangkok. So the next time you are in Bangkok don’t forget on your sporting activities. If you are staying longer in Bangkok, why not join a Sports Club? The Royal Bangkok Sports Club located right in down town Bangkok offers over 30 kinds of sport activities to its members.

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