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Dusit Zoo in Bangkok

Dusit Zoo

Known as the only Zoo in Bangkok, the Dusit Zoo is a showpiece of various animals that are rare and not too often seen in the Western world. Apart from other animal parks or wild life safaris, this zoo truly keeps up to its legendary fame of being Bangkok’s biggest animal showpiece.

Located in Central Bangkok between Chitlada Palace where the king lives and the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall, the Dusit Zoo is a good place to be for families out for a weekend trip or children visiting.

The Dusit Zoo in Bangkok is the ideal place when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Attractions – What to see

The Dusit Zoo has at present more than 2,000 animals from both Thailand as well as species from all around the world. It is spread over 47 acres including 12 acres of lake area.

The zoo has proved to be source of family entertainment to the Thai families as well as tourists.

You can expect to see elephants, hippos, tigers, giraffes, zebra, monkey, bear and many more such varieties of local as well as exotic species. Children are sure to love the motley collection of kangaroos, penguins, zebras, monkey, etc.

There are also animal shows and animal feeding sessions in which you can participate.

One of the highlights and beauty of the zoo is the huge lake located within the zoo itself. Visitors can hire paddleboats in the lake and have a boating experience here.

The lake has fish, alligators and turtles, which will provide you company while you do your bit of boating!

There are many facilities within the zoo which lead to tourist recreation. A special train takes people around the zoo, by which they can reach different parts of the place. The tram ride has an interesting ticket system – one gets down at the same colored station as the color of your ticket.

Besides the animals, the grounds have adequate playing area for children with small and fun rides. Other recreations include food stalls, elephant rides and animal feeding shows.

Did you know?

Known to the Thais as “Khao Din”, the Dusit Zoo is Thailand’s first zoo. The property on which it is built was once the private botanical garden of King Rama V. Later, King Rama VII donated the park to the Bangkok Municipal Authorities so that it could be used as a zoo and public park.

The zoo first opened in 1954 and has a collection of animals comprising over 300 mammals, 800 birds, and 200 reptiles, including relatively rare indigenous species.

At the last count the zoo has housed some 1,600 animals since the last 60 years. With a total area covering 188,800 square meters, Dusit Zoo is self sufficient for the animals. It has an animal hospital, a zoo museum as well as an educational centre.

General information

Opening Time: 8.00am – 6.00pm
Entrance Fee: 30 Baht per person
Location: Dusit
Phone Number: 02-281-2000

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