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Thai Visa

Thai Visa

There are many different types of visas you can get. Depending on factors such as how long you are planning to stay and from which country you come from, a visa application might not even be necessary.

Do I need a Thai visa?

NO VISA is required if:

  • You hold a passport from any country that is not listed in the “Visa On Arrival list” (listed below)
  • Your passport is valid for at least 6 months
  • You have a return ticket

You will be allowed to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for 30 days.

A visa is REQUIRED if:

  • You plan to stay more than 30 days
  • If you do not have a return ticket out of Thailand

If one of the above conditions is true for you, you must apply for a Thai visa.

Where do I get a Thai visa?

Visas are issued at the Royal Thai Embassy or at the Thai Consulate of your country and can be collected on-the-spot.

Depending on the type of visa, they may be extended to a longer period of time. For your visa to be issued, you need several documents.

What documents are required to apply for a Thai visa?

In case you need to apply for a visa, the following documents must be prepared and presented at the Royal Thai Embassy or at the Thai Consulate of your country:

  • Your passport or travel document with at least 6 months validity
  • Two recent (4x6cm) photographs
  • Flight ticket paid in full with return ticket
  • Please check with your Consulate or Embassy, as further documents might be required

Different types of visa

There are several different types of visas you can get, depending on how long you are planning to stay in Thailand. Here are the main types:

No Visa – 30 days
It is issued to most nationalities upon entry into the Kingdom and can be extended, before it expires, for another 14 days at an Immigration Office. The fee is around 1,900 Baht and overstay fines are 500 Baht per day. This visa will be re-issued every time you leave and re-enter the Kingdom.

Tourist Visa – 60 days
This visa is issued in any country other than Thailand at the Royal Thai Embassy or at the Thai Consulate. It can be extended for 30 days at your nearest Immigration Office.


Overstay fines are 500 Baht per day. The maximum fine for overstay is 20,000 Baht.

The fine has to be paid on your departure or when you ask for an extension. If you get caught for overstaying or cannot pay the fine when leaving the country, you run the risk of being sentenced to up to 2 years of imprisonment.

Note that overstays can also jeopardize your future applications.

Visa on arrival

According to the Interior Ministerial announcements, passport holders from the countries listed below may apply for visas only for the purpose of tourism.

The period of time cannot exceed 15 days and the applicant must have a return ticket, paid in full that is valid within the 15 days.

Andora Bulgaria Bhutan China Cyprus Ethiopia India Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Maldives Malta Mauritius Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Taiwan Ukraine Uzbekistan

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