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McDonald's in Bangkok

Fast Food and Delivery in Bangkok

Thailand is renowned for its delicious cuisine with a blend of spicy, sour, sweet and salty taste. But apart from Thai food, Bangkok is home to hundreds of international and local fast food chains which are located all over Bangkok city and it suburbs as far the eye can see.

Every month, new restaurants open as old ones shut down.

But it seems as the number of fast food chains is on a constant and never ending growth.

Once mainly occupied by youth and foreigners, its popularity rose among Thai citizens as Bangkok becomes more and more westernized.

Nowadays, all sorts of dishes are offered within minutes and ready to take-away whether it is American, Japanese, Mediterranean, or even Thai.

It is a great alternative for both Thais and foreigners to have change from local food.

Fast food delivery service

Are you taking a day off from visiting Bangkok and its attractions? Is your stomach growling? Why not get your favorite fast food meal delivered to your hotel room.

Many fast food chains offer a delivery service with a delivery time of 30-45 minutes.

Below is a list of fast food chains that have delivery services. Most of them are familiar to you, but Bangkok is home to many fast food chains that are uniquely available in Thailand.

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