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BTS Skytrain in Bangkok

BTS Skytrain Bangkok

The BTS skytrain, or in Thai rod fai fah, is without doubt the most efficient and reliable way to travel in Bangkok. It is fast, cheap and by having its own tracks 10 meters above regular streets it avoids all of Bangkok’s endless traffic jams.

Opened in 1999, this transport option has revolutionized traveling in Bangkok.

Trips that used to take up to an hour can now be done within minutes. Even areas with the most notorious traffic jams can now be accessed in a short lap of time.

The skytrain covers many major business, shopping, entertainment and residential areas with 2 lines – the Sukhumvit and Silom line.

Plans to introduce a new line are in process. To date, there are 34 stations where the trains operate, just like the MRT metro, from 6 am to midnight.

Unlike public buses in Bangkok, the BTS skytrain stops automatically at every station and announces its name before arriving, following a timely schedule.

Exploring Bangkok the easy way

The BTS skytrain has several stations where an interchange with Bangkok’s MRT underground metro are possible (view list of stations below). This makes traveling and exploring Bangkok even easier as a bigger range of the city is covered.

Unfortunately, the ticket for the BTS skytrain cannot be used for metro services. A separate ticket (token) must be purchased if using the MRT metro.

Apart from covering the center of Bangkok city, the BTS offers access to the Chao Praya River through Saphan Taksin station, enabling you to travel with the Chao Phraya Express Boat (BTS skytrain partner) to Bangkok’s most famous historical places, such as the Royal Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, and Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn).

Tickets for the Chao Phraya Express Boat can be purchased directly at the Saphan Taksin station at the service counter, or from the ticketing machines.

There are many other small private companies that offer similar tours. However, reliability concerning the price and service cannot be guaranteed.

The ticket fare – how much does it cost?

On top of offering a good, reliable and fast service, tickets for BTS skytrain are offered at very cheap fares.

Depending on how far your destination is, the prices range from 15 to 52 Baht.

Traveling distances of over 30 km while avoiding traffic jams in an air-conditioned and comfortable train with a beautiful view over Bangkok city for a maximum fare of 52 Baht is an unbeatable service worldwide!

List of BTS Skytrain stations

  • Sukhumvit Line
  • Silom Line

Sukhumvit Line

Silom Line

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