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Motorcycle Taxi in Bangkok

Different Ways of Getting Around in Bangkok

Besides taxis and tuk-tuks, there are other transportation methods that get you about Bangkok.

Motorbike taxis, for instance, are very common in Bangkok and allow you to quickly get to your desired destination. They are mostly used for short distance trips such as going from the main road into a Soi. Fares rarely exceed 40 Baht.

Riding a bus in Bangkok can be very confusing for first time visitors. There are no fixed timetables and no maps that indicate the route.

Even though the terminal station is written on every bus, it is written only in Thai. You may need to ask the local people for assistance if you are planning on taking a bus, or know the exact bus number.

One of the most popular transportation methods amongst foreign visitors is riding a boat on the Chao Phraya river. Since a lot of Bangkok’s tourist attractions such as temples are situated along the river, taking a boat is an ideal option.

The different types of transportation in Bangkok

Motorbike taxis
Motorbike taxis, or in Thai motorsai rab-jang, can be found all over Bangkok at every street corner. They are easy to identify as they always are in a group, wearing a colored vest (orange, green or pink) with a number on their back.

The purpose of a motorbike taxi is to shuttle people up and down the long and deep sois, and to give them a quick ride by passing all cars stuck in the endless traffic jam.

The fare depends, as usual, on the distance and should be negotiated beforehand. For short rides into a soi it would cost about 5-10 Baht as for longer rides on the main street they can go up to 20-40 Baht.

Public buses
Buses, or in Thai rod meh, come in all shapes and colors and numbers and so on. It is really difficult to understand the concept of this transport system as same numbers sometimes lead to different destinations.

There are no clear signs at the bus stops that indicate the stop name; the bus numbers, and let alone a map with their routes. Once you get familiar with using buses, you will benefit from the cheap trip fares starting at 4 Baht.

You also can ask locals and the other passengers to help you out.

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