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Go-Go Bars in Bangkok – Bangkok Red Light District

Although Bangkok is famous for its beautiful temples and colorful markets, it is the city’s wild nightlife that remains the highlight for many tourists.

The bars and shows that made Bangkok’s nightlife scene so famous are still the hot spot of the city and attract millions of visitors a year form all over the world.

Adult entertainment ranging from simple go-go bars with cute, light-dressed Thai girls dancing around poles to exotic and unusual shows may be found in three main areas: Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

These red light districts, which made Bangkok’s after dark scene so wild and notorious, are renowned worldwide and offer shows for every man’s wildest fantasies and lustful dreams.

Get to know the girls privately

There is also the opportunity to meet the dancers and take them out for a drink. A bar-fine of 600 Baht is charged to compensate the value of drinks a dancer would have sold during her presence.

At most bars you can even go a bit further than just “taking her out”. This has to be discussed and arranged with the bar manager and prices can vary from 800-1200 Baht.

Many guidebooks mention Patpong as Bangkok’s best and most famous red-light district, but it is vastly overrated with many unpleasant stories experienced by visitors.

What to expect at Bangkok’s red light scene

Since nudity on stage is no longer legally permitted, the go go bar scene has become milder and less aggressive as it once use to be in the legendary days of Bangkok’s naughty past.

But there is no need to worry. There are enough underground bars that challenge this restriction by offering the most extreme and explicit shows you may ever have experienced.

The best places for these real deal attractions can be found at Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza, both located on the Sukhumvit Road, whereas Patpong is better suited for simple go-go and pole dancing shows.

The bar girls in Bangkok

The vast majority of Bangkok’s bar girls come from the Isaan region, the northeastern part of Thailand, a poor rural area where agriculture is the main source of income.

Many girls come to Bangkok in hope to find a better paid job and quickly find that working in a red-light district makes easy money.

Their tanned, slender and sexy bodies make it an easy task for them to get hired, and certainly will attract foreign customers who are willing to buy them few drinks.

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