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Nana Plaza Bangkok

Nana Plaza Bangkok

The Nana Plaza (Nana Entertainment Plaza – NEP) is situated on Sukhumvit Road 4, opposite of the famous Nana Hotel, and belongs to Bangkok’s most popular and hottest red light districts.

Unlike Patpong which has many beer bars, restaurants, and a night market, the Nana Plaza is strictly adult oriented.

A three-storey building enclosed in a courtyard with over 20 bars, go-go bars and restaurants is at your disposal with live adultery shows, music and pure entertainment.

Most of Nana Plaza’s bars are go-go bars where many young and sexy Thai girls are dancing light-closed or even naked on stage.

Many of these bar girls are willing to leave with customers upon a payment of a bar fine; a fine of about 600 Baht to compensate the value of drinks a dancer would have sold during her presence.

The price can vary from bar to bar.

Katoeys – Thailand’s ladyboys

While many bars in Nana Plaza do not employ katoeys (ladyboys) at all, a few do so exclusively.

These venues are Obsession (ground floor), Casanova, Temptations (middle floor) and Cascade (top floor).

It can be very challenging to tell a ladyboy from a real female apart as many of them look cute, innocent and seducing.

If you are looking for some wild and crazy shows you should check out the top floor (2nd floor).

The wildest and most notorious bars can be found there, because by the time police get upstairs anything that was going on has stopped.

Short-time hotels for the quickies

If you wish to spend an adventurous night with one of the bar girls you have the possibility to take them to a short-time hotels (Spirit House and Taboo), which are located within the Nana Entertainment Plaza.

The prices are relatively low and you get the privacy you need to enjoy your business.

The short-time hotels usually charge an hourly rate which is quite convenient.

History of the Nana Plaza in Bangkok

The Nana Plaza opened in the late 1970s as a small mini-mall area with some Thai shops, boutiques, travel agencies and restaurants.

It got its name from the Nana family which own most of the property there.

During the early 1980s the first go-go bars began to appear and gradually replaced the shops.

In 2005 the last non-go-go bar was sold and reopened as yet another go-go bar.

The car park on the ground floor is now packed with beer bars offering a more relaxed atmosphere.

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