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Patpong Go Go Bars Bangkok

Patpong Bangkok

Patpong is divided into 2 parallel side-streets and houses around 100 neon-lit go-go bars, underground sex shows, typical Irish beer bars and a night market right in the heart of Bangkok.

It is said that no visit to Bangkok is completed without a night in this colorful and vibrant area which belongs to the most famous and popular nightlife spots among tourists and ex-pats.

By day, Patpong is boringly surrounded by simple buildings and offices, but at night it transforms into an exciting and adult oriented nightlife spot.

Already back then, during the 60s when Patong was founded, Patpong earned its notoriety and was renowned for its wild and naughty scene to please their customers with sexy and seductive shows.

Today however, since the introduction of Patpong’s night market in the early 90s and the prohibition of nudity on stage, the area has become milder and less adult oriented as it once used to be.

It is not uncommon to see whole families exploring the market while go-go bars which grant a view on half naked pole dancers are lined up along the Soi, calling in customers and even children from the streets.

If you are looking for a real adultery experience you should check out Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Patpong BJ bars – exciting quickies

If simply watching a show is not enough for your needs, there is the opportunity to crown your adultery experience with one of Patpong’s BJ bars.

Get a taste of an oral delight, discreetly and comfortably performed from one of many sexy bar girls of your choice.

Two popular BJ bars in Patpong are Lolita’s BJ Bar and Starlight.

Beware of scams and rip-offs

There are many unpleasant stories from visitors complaining they have been victims of scams and rip-offs.

It is true that Patpong’s image has become very “dirty” in the last few years. But not due the shows it offers, but because there are many stories of visitors complaining they were over-charged and tricked into paying way too much.

It is advised to be very careful when visiting a show, and make sure you know the prices before entering.

A typical scam example includes drinks being listed as 100 Baht per drink. However, this counts only for the second and following drinks. The first drink, unknown to customers, is, for example, 500 Baht.

The Patpong night market – shopping at night

Patpong has much more to offer than just adult entertainment.

Since the early 1990s, Patpong has a huge night market that offers souvenirs, Thai handicrafts, all sorts of clothing articles, quality fake designer wears, fake designer watches, DVDs of all your favorite shows and movies and a lot more.

It definitely is worth stopping by while staying in Bangkok.

You will quickly notice that bargaining will become a routine as the most items are overpriced.

Find out more about Patpong’s night market and bargaining to make the most of your shopping experience in Bangkok.

History of Patpong

Patpong was founded in the late 1960s when a number of bars opened for GIs that came to Bangkok to rest their tired and heavy souls during the Vietnam War.

In the early 1990s, a huge night market opened in the middle of the shows.

Today, Patpong has become one of Bangkok’s number one tourist destination for both its adult shows, and its night market.

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