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Soi Cowboy in Bangkok

Soi Cowboy Bangkok

Soi Cowboy is a nightlife area and red light district on the Sukhumvit Road. It is a sort of smaller version of Patpong with various bars, restaurants and of course many naked girls and erotic shows.

The small street is about 300 meters long with a total of 40 bars, located on the left and right of the Soi.

Other than Patpong where scams and rip-offs are frequent, Soi Cowboy is known for its relaxed and hassle-free atmosphere.

It mainly serves Bangkok’s regulars, expats and foreign residents.

Beer and liquor cost around 50 to 100 Baht, a bit less during “Happy Hour” and a bit more at the more popular venues.

The strip shows and the after party

Inside the bars, the seating is arranged to grant every customer a great view onstage where cute Thais girls wearing minimal clothing – sometimes nothing – shake their hot and sexy bodies around chrome poles.

Same as at other red light districts there is the possibility to “take out” a dancer for a bar-fine ranging between 400 and 800 Baht.

Guesthouses can be found everywhere around Soi Cowboy and can be used for 2 hours or longer.

Sometimes an elephant passes Soi Cowboy where you have the opportunity to buy some peanuts or bananas to feed it. A really unique experience!

History of Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy was named after American air-force servicemen T.G. Edwards in 1973.

The tall African-American Edwards was known as “The Cowboy” for his big Texan hat and his gun belt, hence the name Soi (side street) Cowboy.

He is also the founder of the first bar on that street “Loretta”, the name of his daughter

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