Wednesday, January 17 2018
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Crime & Diseases in Bangkok

Crime in Bangkok

Thais are from nature very calm and friendly people which may explain why Bangkok has a relatively moderate crime rate when compared to urban counterparts around the world. Bangkok’s streets are safe to walk alone during the day, as during the nighttime. Attacks or violence used on tourists are rare. …

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Emergency Calls in Bangkok

Bangkok Ambulance Emergency

In case of emergency, here are all important numbers for police, ambulance, fire, lost visa cards, and other important services. Make sure you also read our useful information on health and safety in the Kingdom of Thailand. It is advised to print this page or write down the numbers first …

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Hospitals and Pharmacies

Hospitals in Bangkok

Bangkok’s hospitals and clinics can be found throughout the city and offer good, reliable and competent medical services. The facilities are clean and meet international service standards. Doctors and nurses are competent and trained professionals with a degree in their fields. Public hospitals are open 24 hours a week, while …

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