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Hospitals in Bangkok

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Bangkok’s hospitals and clinics can be found throughout the city and offer good, reliable and competent medical services. The facilities are clean and meet international service standards. Doctors and nurses are competent and trained professionals with a degree in their fields.

Public hospitals are open 24 hours a week, while clinics have fixed working hours.

Drugs stores and medicine

Drug stores, or in Thai Ran Kai Yaa, are plentiful and are easy recognizable by an “Rx” sign or simply by a green sign that reads “Drug Store”. They are located thought the city, in department stores and in shopping malls.

Pharmacists are competent and qualified.

Regular business hours are from 8am to 9pm during the whole week.

If you simply have a headache or a cold, all grocery stores such as 7/11 and Family Mart sell pills which cost around 4-8 Baht.

Bangkok offers first class medical care

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to Bangkok just for its medical services. Hospitals in Bangkok are known to offer excellent services and meet international standards when it comes to hygiene and equipment.

The most common reason for these people to use Bangkok’s medical services is the price. Even though excellent services are offered, the price of medical treatment and surgery is much cheaper than its European and American counterparts.

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