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Living in Bangkok

There are many among us who have been to Bangkok for a visit, but simply fell in love with the city and ultimately chose to settle down.

Being an exciting and vibrating city, Bangkok has much to offer to those who choose to make it their home.

The delightfully oriental culture, the simplicity of the people and the easy life style are often aspects that lure the Western mind to this place.

Before you actually decide to spend your years in Bangkok, or Thailand for that matter, make sure you already have thought about the following basic points:

  • Where to live
  • How much will it cost to live in Bangkok
  • What Thai food and is culture like
  • Having a valid visa

Learning the local language is not really necessary as most Thais understand basic English. But it is always good to know a few local words that might come in handy.

To be honest, you don’t need to attend any Thai language classes as you will pick up the language in no time by hanging around Thai people. They are always eager to teach you new words.

Living in Bangkok – an overview

Bangkok has excellent accommodation facilities for any kind of budget. Whether it is apartment blocks, which are relatively cheap and comfortable, or high-end penthouse apartments, you will find it all here.

Health is a major concern for most people. On this account, Bangkok has some of the best world-class facilities that are available to anyone.

Finding work isn’t really an issue in Bangkok. Most people earn a decent amount by teaching English or becoming teachers in language institutions like international schools or universities.

Going by the fact that there are also many international companies located right down town, finding a job would be an alternative to the usual teaching job.

Owning an own car in Bangkok is a rather expensive luxury as the price of a vehicle can easily cost 300% more than what you would pay in Europe or in the US due to high taxes on motorized vehicles.

Public transport, however, is cheap and convenient; and with the steady expansion of Bangkok’s skytrain and metro network, commuting has become simpler and more efficient.

There is plenty to be had in terms of entertainment in Bangkok, so boredom is something you will not experience.

As for being home sick, many expats enjoy their own meetings and pubs where you can join fellow countrymen right in the heart of Bangkok.

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Cost of Living in Bangkok

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Jobs in Bangkok

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Buying and Owning Property in Bangkok

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International Schools in Bangkok

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