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Jobs in Bangkok

Jobs in Bangkok

Living in Thailand is the dream that many of us share. But how exactly are you going to finance your stay?

Most of us can’t even speak the Thai language, are we still qualified to get a decent job?

Fortunately, there are many career paths you can take to earn a good living in Bangkok. And by simply knowing how to speak fluent English your job opportunities multiply.

Our discussion here takes a look at some of the best job opportunities for foreigners in Bangkok.

Just remember: as long as your visa and work permit are in order, you have no problems acquiring a job in Bangkok.

Finding the right job in Bangkok

You can start your job hunt in Bangkok by browsing Bangkok Post’s job search section. The Bangkok Post is a specialized English newspaper for the foreign community.

Another great website for finding jobs in Bangkok is JobsDB. It allows you to add a lot of criterion to your search query so your are are sure to find jobs that are suitable for you.

Another way to find a job in Bangkok is by networking. Networking is a great way for a foreigner to get a job or develop business ties.

Some countries have their Chamber of Commerce host networking events which will help you develop relations with businesses. The American Chamber (AmCham) and the Australian Chamber (AustCham) are good examples here.

What kinds of jobs are there for foreigners?

Becoming an English teacher, or any other language for that matter, is one of the most common jobs for foreigners in Bangkok.

The employment scene in this sector is good if you have the right aptitude and qualifications.

Many international schools and language institutions are constantly looking for foreign teachers.

Computer and IT related jobs are next in the popularity list.

From editors to coders to designers; with the appropriate IT skills you are guaranteed to find the right job.

Writing and editing jobs are also offered to foreigners especially in English newspapers. The Bangkok Post sometimes hires editors to write columns in English.

The entertainment and music industry is growing in popularity.

With the numerous openings of clubs, pubs, and chill-out zones, DJing are professions that some of the foreigners have taken up. Though it does not provide a fixed monthly income, the pay is pretty decent.

Engineering jobs are available for specialized engineers. The only problem is that law prohibits Civil Engineering for non-Thai citizens.

Foreign cooks and chefs are often recruited in Bangkok, especially in star category hotels which cater to international guests.

Foreigners with specialized work skills like lawyers, pilots, and investment experts can practice here and earn quite a good living.

Owing your own company

Operating your own business in Bangkok is something that is not done on a very large scale.

This is mainly due to language, law, and regulation barriers.

However, there are plenty of outsiders who actually have settled into good business here from foreign shores.

Good to know

The salary for an international school teacher moves between 25,000 to 40,000 Baht per month. In language institutions, the pay will be around 300 to 400 Baht per hour.

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