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International Schools in Bangkok

International Schools in Bangkok

Choosing a proper school for your child is often one of the most important steps towards your child’s proper academic growth, more so when he or she is on foreign shores.

International schools in Thailand and Bangkok have been around since 1957.

Seeing the positive trend in more parents opting for such schools, there are now plenty of international schools that have opened its doors in Bangkok and many other parts of Thailand.

Most of the students are from the expat community, though one does see an increasing number of Thai citizens studying joining these programs.

The curriculum in is strictly in English. As per the rules of the Thai Ministry of Education, all international schools must also teach Thai as a part of their curriculum.

The curriculum and what to expect in international schools

Bangkok currently has more than 100 international schools.

Though English is the predominant medium of instruction here, there are also other international languages such as German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Most of these schools either follow the British or the American system of studies since these are more widely recognized.

International schools that follow the British system use the National Curriculum recognized for England and Wales, while schools following the American system of schooling are based on an educational accreditation department from the US.

International partnerships and exchange programs

Many of Bangkok’s international schools have partnerships or understandings with Australian, European, Canadian or US universities, making it possible for students to obtain the curriculum from the specific partner university.

Depending on the schools’ policies, exchange and scholarship programs to honor students are also available.

In order to provide these international partnerships, most of these international schools offer the best of facilities in terms of:

  • Skilled faculty members
  • After-school activities
  • Curriculum quality
  • Newest teaching technology
  • Security and well-being

Selecting an international school

Most international schools in Thailand aim at upgrading their educational standards to meet the expectations of international levels.

This is achieved by using resources of the best quality and inculcating teaching methods that promote interactive learning.

Here are a few of Bangkok’s international schools that we recommend:

The International Pre-School Center
Bangkok Patana School (UK National Curriculum)
Ruamrudee International School (USA curriculum)
International School of Bangkok (ISB)
St. John’s International School (Canadian & British)

Good to know

  • Not every international school follows the Western timetable (summer break in July)
  • Tuition fees range between 300,000 to 450,000 Baht per year
  • Uniforms are mandatory at every international school in Thailand

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