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Assumption University of Thailand

Universities in Bangkok – Study in Bangkok

Many people who come to Bangkok as tourists simply fall in love with the place and wish to pursue their studying career here.

There is good news if you are one of them as studying in Bangkok is not only a good career move but the standards are pretty much acclaimed. So there is no need t worry about your academic career going for a toss.

Completing your studies from an international university in Bangkok will also give you an advantage with Thai employers who won’t hesitate to hire foreign graduate students.

International programs in Bangkok universities

Several universities in Bangkok offer international programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels which are taught entirely in English.

The most common and popular faculties amongst foreign students are Business Administration (BBA), Communication Arts, and Architecture.

The courses and programs offered are reasonably priced. Enrolling for a bachelor’s degree, for example, would cost about 100,000 Baht (~ $3,000) for one year (2-3 semesters depending on the university).

Foreign students are usually very easily admitted, regardless of their past academic performances. This is mainly because most universities are keen on increasing the number of international students giving their programs an international image.

The universities also help its students to obtain a student visa which can also be used to work in Thailand on a part time basis without a work permit.

While degrees from Europe or America are more highly regarded than Thai degrees, some of the Thai universities are nevertheless well-recognized institutions. There are plenty of student exchange programs with Western universities too.

Thai university dress code

All schools and universities in Bangkok require their students to wear a uniform.

The uniform for university students consists of a white shirt and black trousers/skirt. The shoes must be closed (no sandals or slippers).

On special occasions, such as exams or university meetings, the students are asked to wear the official necktie of the university.

Some universities (such as Bangkok University) have a more relaxed dress code where students can wear jeans or slippers during the regular academic period.

Others, however, (such as Assumption University) are very strict.

The experience of studying in a Thai university

Studying in Bangkok is a lot of fun. Thai people are very friendly by nature and making new friends will be easy.

Apart from the subjects you are enrolled in, you will learn all about the Thai way of living, its art and culture, and its language.

Many foreign students who have been studying in Thailand for over 2 years can communicate in Thai without ever taking any Thai language classes.

Students usually live alone in a university or private dormitory. A room will cost about 6000 Baht per month plus electricity and water charges.

There are also of course cheaper options of staying on a sharing basis with other students or friends.

There are about 15 governmental universities in Bangkok and a similar number of private universities.

Some of these are Chulalongkorn University (which is considered as Bangkok’s number 1) and Kasetsart University both of which are governmental, while Assumption University and Bangkok University are privately run.

Studying in a Bangkok university is a rewarding great experience, offering low costs, great academic future and useful career contacts. Apart from the cultural and academical experiences you will have an awesome time, guaranteed!

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