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Thai Girls and Girlfriends

Thai Girls and Thai Girlfriends – Tips & Facts

This page illustrates my personal perception on this topic and might vary from the actual situation. It is not in my interests to put a bad light on Thai girls and the country itself, but more over trying to write (of what I believe to be) an accurate article about the general behavior of girls in Thailand.

The petite figure and cute looks of Thai girls have attracted many foreigners to Thailand to test their luck. If you are amongst them, you will notice that getting a girl for any foreigner is easier than in most countries.

While many relationships are the cause of love, many are just for financial reimbursements.

In this article, I will talk about what differs Thai girls from other countries, the way they act, and what to expect when talking to or being in a relationship with a Thai girl.

The different types of Thai girls

In my experience with Thai girls, I would say that we can “classify” them based on their social status. Once you start interacting with Thai girls, this concept becomes quickly apparent.

Based on this classification, we can predict behavior and reactions much easier.

Thai bar girls or go-go dancers

This is the easiest place to pick up a girl but the reasons behind it are very similar to prostitution.

First of all, you will have to pay a bar fine for taking the girl out. In some cases, the whole point of it is getting as much money out of you as possible.

When taking one out, remember to keep your valuables safe at all time. Or best don’t take them with you.

Thai girls from night clubs

Many girls go to clubs to enjoy an evening with their friends. Others go there to find someone for some after hour fun.

If that is what you are looking for, then clubs are the best source to find good girls that are willing to enjoy the night with you.

Thai university students

These girls study and are mostly still under the financial support of their parents. Establishing a relationship with these girls is harder.

First of all, you must be in their age range and be living in Thailand.

These relationships are mostly based on actual feelings towards each other but in some cases the girl will ask for financial support.

The working class Thai girl

Having a steady income, these girls will most probably be looking for a serious relationship with a guy, might be foreign, might be Thai, who knows?

More often, however, the relationship seems to be legitimate.

Love or money? That is the question

Whatever the situation, a relationship with a Thai women can be compared to those in the west with the sole difference that money might play a slightly more dominant role.

In my experience, the purpose of these girls is not to to suck every last penny out of your pockets (except maybe bar girls), but more to manage the challenging tasks in life and keeping their head above water in terms of finances.

Another critical point is the understanding of each other. Many westerners find it hard to understand Thai women in terms of their thinking process, opinions on certain subjects, and common interest.

A Thai will most likely never adapt to the way a westerner acts, so it is up to the counterpart to do so.

Thais in their young 20s seem to have a very similar thinking process which isn’t frequent in western countries.

Many young Thais follow a very similar pattern making one encounter many déjà-vus when speaking to different girls.

Jokes and conversations can sometimes be close to identical.

Fan, Gik and Jau-chu

If you have spent some time with a Thai girl you might have come across these terms: fan, gik and jau-chu.

Basically, fan (pronounced the English way) means girlfriend/boyfriend. Gik, on the contrary, stands for a friend with benefit. Yes, the intimate benefit.

And last, jau-chu can be translated to as playboy, someone who flirts a lot and goes out with many girls.

Some things to watch out for

Ending a relationship a Thai girl or woman can become bothersome as many times my phone has been flooded with calls and messages.

Thai women can get very jealous at times, sometimes accusing you of flirting with other girls (even when the person in question is just a good friend) and this whole experience can be very annoying.

In some cases they might not trust you and if you once don’t pick up the phone, she might conclude that you are cheating on her.

All in all, having a Thai girlfriend can be a very sweet ingredient to your life.

A Thai woman usually is very caring to her man and often will go the extra mile.

Furthermore, she will likely accept and support your decisions rather than opposing them as seen in some Western countries.

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