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Bo Bae Market

Bo Bae Market

Supposed to be the biggest retail and wholesale center in Bangkok for garments, dresses, jewelry and more, the Bo Bae market merits a visit solely on the basis of its mad frenzy and incredibly cheap prices.

The Bo Bae market is a frenzy of activity and loud trading that will need some tackling or bargaining with the vendors.

This is usually the place where traders buy their goods from, so you should be prepared for a chaotic scene, especially in the early hours of the morning.

Although it is not a tourist market, most foreigners find it a place to get a cheap deal in clothes.

Goods are sold in bulk value which makes it indeed a good place to visit if you have some major shopping to do. Visit the place around 5am in the morning for striking a good deal.

The Bo Bae Market is situated on Krung Kasem Road. It is a well-known center for wholesale purchase of garments since the last 30 years.

If you are located in Chinatown, it is a ten minute ride by tuk-tuk to the Bo-Bae Towers. The market is centrally located and is not much far off from the main railway station of the city.

The pricing here is much like that of the Pratunam market. But if you are looking for a cheap deal this is the best place to be.

Bo Bae is quite large and spills over from indoors to outdoors. The entire market is spread over four to five city blocks and is surrounded by canals and linked through bridges on all sides.

The market has an old dilapidated look to it, though in recent times some shops have converted to air conditioning resulting in shopping relief.

Even if you haven’t found yourself a good deal, the old charming shops and the by lanes are an interesting place to walk around and have a feel of the place.

But if you would like a feel of the entire market place and just hang around, there’s no place like the Bo Bae market for a good encounter of what a Thai market can be.

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