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Huay Khwang Market in Bangkok

Huay Khwang Market

Bangkok’s Huay Khwang market is located in the Eastern part of the city and is a highly popular market among the locals of Bangkok.

Since this market does not really house a lot of stores for fashion clothes or accessories, it is not often frequented by tourists. However, for those who really want a glimpse into the life of an ordinary Thai citizen, the best place to visit is the Huay Khwang market.

The Huay Khwang market is open 24 hours and is a busy, bustling place for at least 18 hours of the day.

This is the one place in Bangkok where one can walk into a restaurant at even 3 in the morning and find a crowd of diners.

The market is popular among the locals living in the area as all the shops sell various goods at reasonable prices so that shopping is made as convenient as possible.

Shopping at Huay Khwang – what to buy

Since Huay Khwang is basically a locals’ market, there are few attractions for tourists. The market is famous for raw seafood which can be bought at very cheap prices. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, medicines and various articles of household needs are available here 24 hours a day.

Some of the things which a tourist can look for here are the stores selling knock-off makeup and shoes.

Although one can probably find similar stuff in a more varied selection choice at other markets like Siam Square, there would be a huge price difference.

The goods at Huary Khwang market are considerably reasonably priced as compared to any other fashion market in Bangkok.

Small eateries with huge pots of food

Sampling the food at the Huay Khwang street side food stalls can be quite a memorable experience.

Although the food stalls are generally famous for serving up delicious food like baked chicken, king crab delicacies, huge prawns and the locals’ favourite noodles, one can also find some very strange dishes on the menu too.

For those who have the stomach for it can sample some truly unique dishes comprising of exotic fruit, or even the innards of some unidentifiable animal.

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