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Pak Khlong Talad

Pak Khlong – Flower Market

Pak Khlong is Bangkok’s biggest and most important wholesale market and distribution center for vegetables, flowers, and fruits.

Established over 60 years ago, this market sells all kinds of different flowers and vegetables. It is a must see for all flower lovers for the sheer variety of exotic flowers and the wafting fragrance around the area.

Flowers of every kind are sold to wholesalers, retailers, as well as locals or tourists just wishing to decorate their homes.

If you happen to be a flower lover, then a trip to the Pak Khlong Flower Market will enrich your soul.

Located on Chak Phet Road near the riverfront, the market is a riot of colors with exotic flowers which are both imported and local.

The early morning scenario at this market is bustling with activities lined with fragrance and color from jasmines, daisies, chrysanthemums lotuses, marigolds, orchids, and roses and water lilies.

Most of the flowers in this market are brought from the neighboring provinces which have plenty of fresh water supplies to grow the beautiful flowers. In fact, millions of flowers are produced every year which are sold at Pak Klong.

Prices at this market are miniscule compared to other countries where flowers can sometimes cost a little fortune: a bundle of 50 roses costs only 30 Baht, an armful of orchids are priced at 20 Baht.

You might also want to buy a fragrant flower garland for yourself or use it to worship the Buddha statue at a temple.

Street vendors will make handmade flower patterns and garlands for you.

You will enjoy the fragrant and colorful market since fresh flowers and vegetables are brought here every morning from nearby farms.

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