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Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market

The Patpong Night Market and its red-light district is a must see for every visitor to Bangkok.

Known as the Patpong Night Market, this is a very popular tourist destination since it sells different kinds of goods at cheap prices, apart from giving the tourists a sideshow of the red-light market of Bangkok.

Found in the built-up area of Silom, the Patpong Night Market, has become a must visit tourist destination for visitors to Thailand.

The market boasts of cheap goods, quality fakes of branded products, and is a bargainer’s paradise.

Dotted with the go-go bars, sexy young Thai girls and the sex market workers, the place is mostly busy and chaotic. A taste of the exotic Bangkok sex life along with the cheapest of bargains has made this market a favorite with tourists.

What to buy and expect

Visitors to the Patpong Night Market are greeted by a combination of traditional Thai souvenirs items, fake branded goods like clothing, bags and watches, and cheap knick-knacks right in the middle of dozens of go-go and beer bars surrounding the place.

Like most tourist destinations, you need to bargain a lot here to finally land a price that might actually be suitable as most of the items are highly overpriced (sometimes up to 50%).

The market has a lively and colorful ambience though and offers a peep into Bangkok’s famous nightlife, live on the streets.

You can also sample some traditional Thai food on the streets of this market and around the area. Some of the best fine eateries serving Thai and international dishes are located here.

Another advantage is the timing of this market. Tourists usually finish their local sightseeing during the day and come down to the market to unwind and soak in the sights and fun ambience of the place.

The Patpong night market can be your ideal destination if you are on the lookout for good fakes. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster film DVDs, or a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag, even Rolex watches, you will find it all in this great store house of replicas. You will be surprised to see that the replicas are usually of good quality.

It is the bargaining of this market and the clever shopkeepers that you have to be careful about.

Most tourists come here for the ambience of fun and frenzy surrounding the market, apart from a sideshow of the sex workers and several sex shows. Situated between the Silom and Surawong roads, this market has acquired popularity amongst the tourists for all kinds of reasons.

How to get there

You can reach the Patpong night market by taking the BTS skytrain, getting off at Sala Daeng station and walking out from one of the right-hand stairs.

The market is open from around 7pm each day and is open till the wee hours of the morning.

Bargaining is a must for anything you buy from the market. If you are not really into fakes, you can just stroll down the market to have a feel of the lively atmosphere and the nightlife on display.

Since it’s a bustling place, be sure to wear something comfortable and open so that you aren’t stuffed.

Beware of pickpockets and scammers

Some of the shopkeepers can be very persistent in their sales drive so you need to be careful of how you talk. Basically keep an eye on your belongings, because there may be a stray pick pocket in the bustling streets and it would be next to impossible to get something back.

Also, be aware when entering one of the go-go bars, especially the ones where workers on the street try to convince you have a look. There have been many complaints about scams and rip-offs.

The rule of thumb is always to ask for the price and extra charges and avoid bars on the 2nd floor.

While it’s not a great experience for the quiet and tranquil at heart, you might juts enjoy the throbbing pulse of the place that also boasts of good eateries and a curious peek into the lives of the people of Thailand.

The Patpong night market opens up only after normal working hours and you will find shoppers here, well after midnight too.

Important remarks

Attention – Pay attention when visiting one of the go-go bars. There have been a lot of complaints about scams and rip-offs, especially the ones situated on the second floor.

Always ask for the cost and extra charges for everything you do beforehand. Share and read some of the issues on our forums.

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