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Sampeng Market in Chinatown Bangkok

Sampeng Market

The Sampeng market, situated in the Chinatown area of Bangkok, belongs to one of the more traditional markets with an old world charm to it.

There is a lot of color, hustle-bustle, and bargaining that takes place here.

The causal atmosphere and wholesale price tags for most goods sold here make it an interesting place to visit.

The Sampeng Market offers an assortment of clothes, Chinese medicine, flip-flops, toys, household items, medicinal herbs, gold, shark fin, Chinese tea and medicines, socks, wallets, CDs and almost anything else you can imagine in true riot of colorful shops that maintain a blend of Thai and Chinese culture.

It’s small lanes and alleyways haven’t stopped tourists from visiting the place especially those who want to see the real Thailand and not its glitzy and glamorous malls.

The open-air stalls, which lend a rather open and casual atmosphere to the place, sell some great traditional Thai food to fair prices.

Blaring horns and a steady stream of scooters zigzagging their way through the alleys will keep you company.

You can also catch a glimpse of various Chinese shrines and enjoy delicious food such as shark-fin or noodle soup restaurants.

The Sampeng Market has an ethnic feel and shows the perfect blend on Thai-Chinese cohabitation over the years.

During the rainy season, the place can be a mess when the water rises to the ankles. This doesn’t seem to trouble the locals or even distract them from their daily buying routine.

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