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Saphan Phut Night Market in Bangkok

Saphan Phut Night Market

The Saphan Phut night market of Bangkok is more famous among the locals as a convenient place to shop for cheap clothes and accessories. The market mostly comprises of small boutiques and street side stalls.

The market has not yet gained popularity among tourists, probably because there are so many glittering shopping malls in the area which seem more attractive.

The Saphan Phut night market, however, has a charm of its own and is also a great place to get heavy discounts.

Buy clothes at the cheapest price possible

The Saphan Phut market is known for the abundance of counterfeit branded products that are available here. Unlike in Siam Square, which is a much posher district of Bangkok, the Saphan Phut mostly caters to those shoppers who are not too particular about getting the best quality or the latest fashion.

The market is quite famous for buying casual clothing at extremely cheap prices. A variety of other goods like DVDs and video games are also available.

This market is also one of the very rare places in Bangkok where one will come across stores selling second-hand goods.

Delicious street food

Having food at the Saphan Phut night market can be quite an experience on its own. There are numerous food stalls and food carts where one can sample a variety of dishes from the Thai cuisine.

Everything from noodles to pork chops to squid eggs are available in these food stalls at very cheap prices.

This in turn ensures that a person can taste at least 2-3 dishes without spending more than 100 baht.

Apart from the street food stalls, however, there is no other option for food. Since the market itself is pretty low scale, one will not find a lot of proper restaurants or even fast food chain restaurants here.

Get inked! – tattoos at Saphan Phut

The Saphan Phut night market is very famous for the tattoo artists who operate in small tattoo parlours.

If you want to get a tattoo, there will be numerous designs and other options to choose from over here at incredible low prices.

The tattoos are inked by professionals and it is sure to be a lasting memory of visit your to Bangkok.

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