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Talad Rod Fai Night Market Bangkok

Talad Rod Fai Night Market

The name Talad Rot Fai market literally translates into “the train market”. The name is quite apt for this night market as it is located in and around an old train station which was abandoned a long time back.

The Talad Rot Fai market is the one stop shop in Bangkok for all the antique shopping that one may need to do.

There are countless shops which sell everything from centuries old pieces of furniture to smaller household goods like flat irons and chandeliers to various kinds of knick knacks which can easily turn into an interesting addition to an antique collection.

Decorative pieces are stocked alongside vintage cars, leather jackets, boots and various other memorabilia which is not only a wonder to see but is available at such low price that one can easily pick anything that catches his interest.

Talad Rod Fai’s different zones

Shopping at the Talad Rot Fai market is made easy because of the broad demarcation between the kinds of goods on sale. The two zones which a shopper must visit are the Warehouse Zone and Rod’s Antiques.

The warehouse zone is the place where one can find almost any kind of antique, whether it is a ten year old Japanese anime toy or a 50 year old camera. Old electronic appliances, second hand clothes and household items can also be sifted through in the hopes of landing on something truly valuable.

Rod’s Antique is a sprawling store which is actually the most famous store in the market. The antiques here are true vintage and date back almost a hundred years. Vintage cars, motorbikes etc. are pieces of interest here.

Buying anything from Rod’s Antique is going to set you back several thousand baht but all products here are guaranteed to be genuine vintage.

Last but not the least, the Market Zone is a good place to wind up the shopping trip. It is more or less like any other tourist market of Bangkok where one can find different kinds of clothes and fashion accessories at fairly reasonable prices.

A street food experience like no other

The makeshift food stalls at the train market are quite a sight because of the creative and quite colourful decorations that their owners deck the stalls with to attract shoppers.

From old train bogies to classic years old cars, one can find all kinds of street food stalls here serving cheap and delicious food.

The most recommended street stalls here are the BBQ stalls which serve sizzling meat and the drink stalls where one can get cocktails for an unimaginably low price. The entrance to the market also has a row of ice cream parlours and bars where one can relax before heading home.

Also check out the Ratchada Road train market

For tourists who are in downtown Bangkok area, it might be quite a hassle to reach the Talad Rot Fai.

Fortunately, they don’t have to miss the train market experience as a second market on similar lines as the Talad Rot Fai has been started on Ratchada Road.

This market only opens from Thursday to Sunday and is definitely worth checking out, especially if one does not find the time to go to Rot Fai.

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