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Taling Chan Floating Market Bangkok

Taling Chan Floating Market

The Taling Chan floating market is to be seen at weekends in front of Taling Chan District Office in Bangkok Noi.

Like most other floating markets in Thailand, the concept is that of a whole market on water. Little fishermen with their fishing boat treat this as one of their sources of weekly sale while stocking up on necessary goods too.

This market isn’t one of your high profile markets with lots of glitz and glamour, but it reflects the beauty and serenity of Thailand’s culture with its calm and serene atmosphere.

The entire place is free from the bustle of other bigger markets.

You might want to catch a handful of vendors, as they slide their boats along the canals offering fruits, vegetables, food, and desserts.

The prices are comparatively low and tourists and locals alike are quoted the same price.

Tourists also have their fair share of classical Thai music and dancing which gives them a good idea of the native culture.

Interested tourists can also take guided trips around the canals and see some of the delightful local scenes. One can buy a wide selection of fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, plants and ornaments too.

History of the Taling Chan Floating Market

The Taling Chan floating market bears testimony to the traditional Thai style of stocking up on things, necessary for their livelihood.

During the olden days, people in Thailand didn’t go to markets like they do today; instead the markets came to them!

Most people lived on the banks of the canals. So rather than going to the mainland it was easier to have floating markets come to them.

These markets were often the only source and access to the outer world to the people lining on the canals.

Taling Chan is simple in its wares and frequented mostly by locals; but recently has been enjoying more and more visits by tourists.

Some of the major things sold here are flowers, fruit, vegetables, trinkets and plants. The average tourist can sail along while the market is on and also have a look at the quaint little gardens and villages.

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