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Tor Kor Market

Tor Kor Market

The Tor Kor market has been described as a chef’s paradise and with good reason. The market started off as an agricultural community market but due to the abundance of fresh goods available at cheap prices, it soon grew in popularity and soon turned into a huge super market.

For tourists, the market is a great place to stroll around, take photographs and even sample some of the local foods. You can also buy fresh fruits or flowers.

Stock up the kitchen with produce from Tor Kor market

Tor Kor market has been rated to be the 4th freshest market in the world by a popular travel magazine.

Needless to say, its popularity is so great that everyone, right from chefs working at 5 star restaurants to glitzy billionaires to the young crowd of Bangkok prefer to shop for their kitchen from the Tor Kor market.

The market is mostly famous for the fresh quality of its fruits, vegetables and meats. The quality, size and freshness of the all the raw items like meats, sea food etc. are unsurpassed.

There are also several interesting food items available here like bamboo sticky rice, grilled coconut pancakes, palm sugar desserts and various types of herbs, spices, pastes, sauce and dips.

For those who are just taking a casual stroll around, there is the option of buying fried fish, grilled fish, stir fried vegetables or grilled prawns.

What to eat at the Tor Kor food court

The Tor Kor super market is a bustling place where the maximum number of visitors are locals themselves who are looking to buy everything they need in a rush. For those who want to make the most of their outing, there is a small food court in one section of the super market.

The cuisine in this food court is limited to Thai. Some dishes worth trying here are fried oyster pancakes, duck noodles and various kinds of noodle soups which Thailand is famous for.

Head down to Chatuchak market for some real shopping

After taking in your fill of the freshness from the Tor Kor market, one may head down to the Chatuchak market which is within walking distance from Tor Kor.

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