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Erotic Thai Massage

Most visitors to Bangkok have probably heard of the infamous erotic Thai massage parlors. The famed Thai massage parlors are very different from their western counterparts in the sense that one can expect much more than the obvious massage.

What you need to know about erotic Thai massage parlors

You will get much more than a massage therapy in an erotic Thai massage parlor. You can expect some stimulating action to enhance your senses in many different ways than just the regular massage.

Visitors are greeted with a bevy of beauties from whom you can pick your choice of numerous cute and sexy girls suiting your taste. The range of girls who come in an assortment of sizes and price tags will spoil you for choice.

You might even encounter ex-models and starlets, depending on the place of your visit.

A massage session heightened by the pleasures of the body is the highlight of these massages. The girls interact with the customers freely and you are taken to a private massage room.

Each customer is made to feel relaxed and given a room with a beautiful ambience and loose fitting clothes. With the essence of aromatic oils and soapy scrubs, you are sure to experience some heavenly sensuous delights better left to the imagination of the visitor.

These girls know what they are doing and will give you a pleasant and relaxing time.

The price range might vary from 1,500 to 8,000 Baht; this is much influenced by the place you are visiting, the girls and their beauty quotient, their services and the style of massage as well as their expertise too.

Do not rush through the experience of the whole process; take your time to select both the place as well as the girl, that way you are assured of a great experience ahead of you.

What to expect in an erotic massage parlor

Massage parlors in Bangkok have two kinds of massages, these include the traditional Thai massage, which involves stretching and yogic movements that help the body relax and rejuvenate. It is often referred to as the “old lady massage”.

Such massages can be had from the cheapest options of 200 Baht as compared to expensive rates that are quoted by the luxury hotels. In some hotels, this is often complimentary too.

The other kind of massage with more sexual overtones is found in various massage parlors across the city of Bangkok. They are easy to recognize as the building is usually big and covered with neon lights, indicating the obvious. This type of massage is a more intimate affair with the client choosing a girl of his liking. Costs are estimated to start from 1000 Baht.

In this range of massages you can expect:

  • A full Body Massage
  • A full bath scrub
  • Soapy Massage
  • Sensual Massage
  • Erotic Massage
  • Oriental Massage
  • Herbal Oil Massage

If you have the financial resources and would enjoy these activities then for all reasons don’t miss out on it! Thailand is very talented in this field and such an experience can basically not be found anywhere else.

The process – what to do next

When entering a massage parlor you are shown a menu of programs to choose from. You then will be brought to the lounge where you can see the girls behind a glass window. Should you not like any of the girls, you of course have the liberty to leave the place.

It is very common to get two girls at a time. Ask the manager who will be pleased to answer any questions you have.

All girls have numbers assigned to them. You may notice that some girls have a letter such as (A, B, L, M) in front of the number. Each girl is given a ranking based on her looks and experience.

Those without any letter are usually called “tammada” meaning “normal” in Thai, which translates into “a nothing special girl”.

Another example, the Letter “M” stands for model. Each parlor, however, has it’s own ranking system, which should be described on the menu.

Once you choose the girl of your liking, you will be taken to a private room where you will be prepared for a sensual and intimate experience. What follows you probably already know.

Massage parlors can mostly be found on the Ratchadaphisek Road and are usually marked with big writings and pictures of girls.

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