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Foot Massage in Bangkok

Other Types of Massages

Massages are ingrained into the Thai culture and is much a part of their everyday life. There are plenty of types of massages apart from the traditional Thai massage.

The Thais have mastered the art of performing a massage. When you visit even the smallest of massage parlors you will witnesses the finesse with which the massage is executed.

While the Thai’s are not only skillful in traditional massages, there are also many other types of massages at which they are good at.

The different types of Thai massages

A forbearer to this tradition of Thai massage is the Wat Pho, one of the most famous temples in Bangkok which teaches the art of Thai massage to its students. The Thai massage consists basically of three types:

  • The foot massage
  • The traditional Thai massage
  • The oil massage

A Thai foot massage is the ultimate in pampering yourself in wellness! This massage ensures that your feet and legs are bathed in luxury and well taken care of for the time you are in the parlor.

The aromatherapy or oil massage is thought of as increasing memory power. The essence of the fragrant oil with the combination of the skilled gestures and pressure point tactics focused on by the masseurs are a delight.

You could also try a Thai facial massage which is nourishing for the skin and rejuvenating too, making for a more glowing you. Women enjoy this more than men and it is a rage with fashionistas making a bee line for such a massage.

Most of these massages vary from parlor to parlor slightly either in the application or in the fragrances of the oil used or some of the fringe benefits some of the parlors have on offer.

External application of lubricants, water, salt and other scrubs apart from tropical oils along with a particular type of massage action are essentials of every massage parlor.

Thai massage parlors are not what most people think

There is a notion about Thai massage that it is nothing else but sensual and sexual stimulators to be had in the presence of alluring females.

While one cannot really deny the sensuousness of receiving an expert massage in the hands of beautiful ladies, it must be said to the credit of the masseurs that a proper Thai massage helps against tense muscles, fatigue and stress.

The Thai massage in any form is relaxing and releases much of the stress related to modern day lifestyles.

The setting of the massage parlors is soothing so that one is completely relaxed and the body is set to enjoy the session. Such massages are known to promote health and rejuvenate the body energy levels while making the body more flexible too. Different types of oils are used based on what your needs.

Erotic Thai massages and brothels in Bangkok

There are of course plenty of Thai massage parlors in Bangkok that offer a more intimate and stimulating approach to massage with beautiful girls to choose from.

Although they are called massage parlors, massages aren’t the focus here. These places are called Abb-Ob-Nuat (“bathing and massage” in Thai) and are the equivalent of brothels.

Several massage parlours provide customers erotic massage with additional costs including handjob, oral sex, and sexual intercourse. The difference between this type of massage and Abb-Ob-Nuat is that not all massage parlours are involved in prostitution.

Where to get Thai massages and what is the price?

Massage parlors that offer Thai massages, oil massages, and foot massages can be found everywhere in Bangkok. They are easy identifiable as a big sign reading “Thai Massage” are hung in front the parlors with prices for the different types of massages.

The Sukhumvit Road is host to many of them.

When entering a massage parlor you will have a wide choice of massages or treatment packages. It is a bit like reading of a menu at lunch. The packages are based on duration (usually in increments of 30 minutes), parts of the body being massaged, and oils used.

The price for oil or foot massages generally cost more than the traditional Thai massage.

Prices start from 500 Baht and range up to 3,000 Baht per hour for an oil massage.

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