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Spas in Bangkok

Relaxing Spas

When one thinks of a spa, the first thought that comes to the mind is “far from the maddening crowd”. Indeed there are times when all of us – be it a local Thai or a visitor – are in need of the wonderful and relaxing spa facilities that the city has to offer.

One might wonder why Bangkok for a spa? Well for those of you not in the loop, Bangkok has a high reputation when it comes to relaxing spas.

In fact, the city has a wonderful assortment which has lured Western tourists to a wonderful and special spa treatment to what can be termed as one of the most rejuvenating experiences you will encounter in a long time.

Relaxing and rejuvenating

Thailand in general and Bangkok in particular have a reputation worldwide for its famous, traditional Thai massages.

The experience which might be a rather invigorating experience combines the a blend of modern scientific knowledge with that of age old holistic treatments, which have roots in the mysterious oriental culture of this place.

One needs to understand that the spa experience in Bangkok is based not only on massages or body wraps, but age old methods of healing which blend into the system the elements of rejuvenation, relaxation and regeneration.

Traditionally served in beautiful locales that calm the mind, one is a recipient of loads of sunshine and a warm hospitality which borders on transcending and merging the outer beauty with that of the within.

The spa program

Once you have enrolled into one such spa facility, you are left into the able hands of the Thai masseurs who will treat you to a host of facials, body wraps, and mud-baths that relaxes and soothes the mind and body altogether.

In fact we dare say that your holiday in Bangkok would be totally incomplete without at least one session in one of Bangkok’s many relaxing spas.

Most of Thailand’s spas are sessions in pampering the body mind and spirit which is so necessary in today’s hectic lifestyles.

Most high-end hotels have spa facilities which you can enjoy. There are of course private spas or luxury service apartments that have lavish in-house facilities. Set in tastefully done up plush environments, a spa could in fact be your ideal get away from hectic lifestyles.

Finding the right spa

While shopping for spas, you are literally spoilt for choice in Bangkok. Ranging from an hour long massage to all kinds of exotic treatments and indulgences, the capital of the Land of Smiles has it all.

The Mandara and Aspara Spas in Bangkok are the perfect haven with world class facilities and services. Many Spas use ayurveda and aromatherapy as their methods of treatment.

Others like the Ananda Spa, near President Solitaire Serviced Apartments and Divana Spa on Sukhumwit lane 35, are some of the examples of fine taste with a wide range of treatments, as well as options that suit the most luxurious to the bag packer tourist.

When in Bangkok, the list of spas and their innovative treatments are endless. So the next time you visit Bangkok, treat yourself to one such experience specific to your budget and return home a much more relaxed person altogether.

Where to find spas and how much does it cost?

Spas can be found nearly everywhere in down town Bangkok. Also, many hotels offer spa services to their guests. Most of the spas are located along the Sukhumvit Road, Ratchada and around Nana.

There are many treatments or packages that spas offer. Prices may range from around 1,000 – 1,200 Baht per hour.

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