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Jim Thompson's House in Bangkok

Jim Thompson’s House

The Jim Thompson’s House, which is has become an integral part of Bangkok tourism is actually a traditional Thai house built by an American who has done his bit and more to revive the silk industry of Thailand. The Owner of the house, Jim Thompson took it upon himself to revive this Industry.

His house is a must visit for those who want an encapsulated form of the traditional Thai culture and living.

The house has a splendid art collection. On display are his various endeavors at reviving the silk industry. You will also see Mr. Thompson’s personal collection of antique Asian artifacts, comprising Cambodian stone figures, blue white chinaware, wooden Burmese statues and Bencharong (multi-colored porcelain made in Chinese tradition).

There are exhibitions from time to time when you can get the best deals in Thai silk. Also Burmese fabrics can be purchased here. Apart from the architectural splendor of the house, you will be mesmerized by the different antiques and traditional design motifs various furniture pieces, pictures and decorations that are amazing.

Set amidst the calm atmosphere of a nearby pond and the lush atmosphere, there is also a Thai food place there where you can find authentic Thai food, another reason to spend some time there!

History of Jim Thompson’s House

It is the former home of Jim Thompson, the man who has tremendously helped the Thai silk industry in developing to its current state.

US Citizen Jim Thompson, build a remarkable Thai-style house opposite the National Stadium on Rama I Road. The house sees a confluence of six older Thai houses. The attention of this American visitor to Thailand was captured by its staggering silk industry, it may be said that his efforts in doing the same has led to a resurrection of this industry.

This house, which is now a museum, reflects the best of Thai domestic architecture, build from dismantled and prefabricated sections, different parts were used from various locations, including the old capital of Ayutthaya too.

The house is elevated a full story above the ground, to effectively counter flooding during rainy seasons. The roof tiles and chandeliers belonging to the 18th and 19th century Bangkok palaces can be seen here.

General information

Opening Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm
Entrance Fee: 100 Baht per person
Location: Siam
Phone Number: 02-323-9253

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