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Philatelic Stamp Museum in Bangkok

Philatelic Museum Bangkok – Stamp Museum

The Philatelic Museum of Bangkok is a record house that traces and keeps track of the postal history of Thailand and displays Thai stamps from the mid 1800s to the present day.

There are stamps that honor the reigning monarch of the day and others that pay tribute to historic and significant events in Thai history.

It is an interesting place to be for those interested in philately, as well as for the average tourist for an insight into the growth of Thailand as a nation.

Attractions – what to see

A visit to the Philatelic Museum in Bangkok is an extremely exciting as well informative trip for those who are genuinely interested in the history of Thailand.

The Philatelic Museum traces the establishment of the domestic postal service in Thailand and has records of the first ever postage stamp issued by the Postal department on 4 August 1883.

The museum has on display plenty of rare pieces of Thai and foreign stamps from the past which have historic relevance today. You can also see a collection of post books in both Thai as well as other foreign languages that are available in the library, which is a part of the museum.

The first set of stamps issued from Bangkok with the portrait of King Rama V find record here. Every subsequent commemorative issue of the Postal department has its record in the Philatelic Museum too; these include joining of Thailand with that of the Universal Postal Union, celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Chakri dynasty, the Benjarong, and many more such occasions that have these stamps secured as witnesses of Thai history.

The museum also houses old envelopes used by early Chinese immigrants, collectors’ journals and stamp bulletins, making a visit to this place an exciting and interesting voyage back in history.

The place is a virtual paradise for all stamp collectors who will find plenty of stamps and related accessories for stamp collection, some of these items are also on sale.

History of the stamp museum

The Philatelic Museum of Bangkok was established in 1947, during the time the postal services were under the Post and Telegraph Department of Thailand.

The museum was established with the purpose of tracing the Thai postal history as well as an apt record of the events which have marked the history of Thailand. The Thai stamps that you see in this museum have a long story to tell in the form of Thailand’s journey and progress as a nation.

The Philatelic Museum traces the advent of the nation’s postal service and gives substantial evidence and proof of records of the British intervention that made possible the postal system.

From the days of Rama IV, who helped in the emerging of the postal system to the present day functioning, or even the rise and fall of the several dynasties that have ruled Thailand, the Philatelic Museum is an immense storehouse of information for such rare records.

General information

Opening Time: Tue – Sat, 9am – 4pm
Entrance Fee: Free
Location: Saphan Kwai
Phone Number: 02-271-2439

How to get to Philatelic Museum Bangkok

The Philatelic Museum Bangkok is located between Paholyothin Road Soi 3 and 5. Take the BTS skytrain and descend at Saphan Kwai (one stop before Mo Chit where the Chatuchak Weekend Market is located).

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