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Rare Stone Museum in Bangkok

Rare Stone Museum in Bangkok

The Rare Stone Museum is a one of a kind place. The museum has a rare collection of stones, crystals and fossils collected over a period of time by its owner Banyong Lertnimitr. You will find here rare stones originating mostly from Thailand as well as Africa and other parts of Asia.

Attractions – what to see

In the Rare Stone Museum you can expect to see some rare and special rock system that can be found specifically in Thailand. Some of the pieces are unparalleled in their beauty and symmetry. The pieces have been named and categorized according to their resemblance to human and animal forms as well as their estimated value.

There are three pieces in the museum which a lot of people want to see:

  • “The Python” which is about 2 meters long
  • “The Immortal Tortoise” which weighs more than a ton and is 72 cm tall
  • “The Kissing Penguins” which showcase natural beauty of the rocks

Another interesting stone comes from deep-sea stone of the Taiwanese waters which has dry white seaweed attached to it making it look like “a head with flowing locks”, and a stone that has the impression of implanted rice grains on it.

This museum is a great way of studying various stones and minerals. The museum holds also different varieties of ashtrays, lighters, coins and pipes.

All in all, the Rare Stone Museum is a quirky place full of old antique items that will fascinate tourists, especially those who have interest in gemology or gathering unique stones. Every stone on display is in its original state with no polishing or glamour added to the artifacts.

History of the Rare Stone Museum in Bangkok

The Rare Stone Museum is located on Charoenkrung Road between Soi 26 and 28 Bang Rak. The museum is privately owned by Banyong Lertnimitr whose personal interest in these rare stones led him to develop this hobby into a more serious collection that has now taken the form of a museum.

Collected from all over Thailand, Asia, and some parts of Africa the museum has on display thousands of strange and lovely stones, Old Chinese publications, cigarette pipes, ashtrays, cigarette labels, fossils of animals, etc.

The museum has on display a few thousand pieces part of a much larger collection that has been refrained from display due to lack of space. Set up in 1999, an approximate 10 million Bhatt was spend in setting up this place, which is very much still a private viewing for a lack of proper organization and funds.

Banyong, says that the museum was built with the aim of sharing historic and rare value information with the public that led to the opening of this museum.

General information

Opening Time: 10.00am – 5.30pm
Entrance Fee: 100 Baht per person
Location: Bangrak
Phone Number: n/a

How to get to Rare Stone Museum

The Rare Stone Museum is accessible by boat. If you hop off at Sri Phraya pier you can walk up to a crossroad of the same name and then head left. The entrance fee for the museum is 100 Baht per person.

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