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Route 66 in Bangkok

Night Clubs in Bangkok

Having been in Bangkok for some time, and had your fill of the traditional Thai culture, the temples and the markets one often wants to unwind and not necessarily always at the go-go bars or the sex market scenario.

It’s then that one remembers of the clubs back home fondly, but you might be in for a surprise if you just hit the right note and find that lovely club nearby where you can indulge yourself to some nice music and great food as accompaniment.

Bangkok’s night clubs -what to expect

If you are into the clubbing scene in a big way, you will be surprised to find the wide variety on offer in Bangkok’s clubs.

Clubs in Bangkok come in every range and they provide entertainment of every kind and for every pocket.

The diverse range of lively music is impressive and so are the liquor and the delicacies on offer.

You will be entertained with a combination of good DJs, great ambience, and great quality sound systems.

Apart from a few of the classiest places, there are no entry fees.

For the top-end places with international DJs though, entry fees range anywhere between 100 baht to up to a 1,000 Baht. Of course this mostly includes some free drinks or maybe some concession on the food.

The ambience for most of these clubs is pretty much relaxed.

There isn’t any strict dress code as such, though some of the more posh establishments might raise an eyebrow over donning a shorts or extremely casual dresses.

Just remember to take some kind of identification or your passport – no matter how old you are! A photocopy is sufficient.

The range of liquor served is numerous: whiskey, vodka, tequila, and all other types of liquor at very reasonable rates.

The Thais however enjoy drinking their whiskey mixed with either coke or soda.

Visiting a night club in Bangkok

There are of course a host of clubs that you might visit that suit your pocket, style or ambience; or where there is a bit of everything.

Here is a selection of Bangkok’s most popular clubs from different price ranges:

RCA or the Royal City Avenue located on Rama 9 Road (not far from Ratchada) is a haunt of the middle to upper class Thai partygoers.

Bangkok’s young and happening youth and many university students roam around RCA.

Some of the highlights of the place are its varied music, good food and drinks, and a theme décor. The RCA is a long street with many clubs and pubs along the road.

Route 66 (in RCA) is one of Bangkok’s favorite clubs. University students, foreigners and working Thais go there.

It’s very popular amongst the younger population, ranging in age from 20 – 30 years old.

The club has a beautiful design and prices are reasonable.

Zeed in Ratchada Soi 8 is a lower-middle class kind of place, ideal for students or those who don’t want to spend a bomb on a night out.

Decent food and reasonable drinks make this place a favorite with young Thais, locals and some foreign tourists too.

Good to know

  • ID and Passport should be brought each time. Even if you are 60 years old, without one you might not be admitted entry.
  • The required age for clubbing around Bangkok is 20 years old.
  • Aggression and violence in and around clubs in Bangkok are very rare.

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