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Bowling in Bangkok

Popular Nightlife Activities in Bangkok

Even though Bangkok is known for its wild nightlife scene there is a lot more you can do than visiting the red-light districts or head-banging clubs, especially if you wish to spend your evening in a more relaxed atmosphere.

So why not have a game of bowling while a DJ is spinning the tunes in modern bowling alleys; watch the newest blockbuster in modern and comfortable multiplex cinemas; sing your favorite songs until you lose your voice in a karaoke bar; or simply spend a night shopping in a night market?

Browse through our list of different activities to find the best and most popular places.

Cinemas in Bangkok

Going to the cinema in Bangkok belongs to one of the most popular and entertaining activities amongst the youth, elder, ex-pats, and even tourists.

The many multiplex cinemas are mainly located in Bangkok’s shopping malls.

Each of Bangkok’s cinemas is equipped with the latest technology in sound and image to assure you maximum comfort and entertainment.

Ticket prices range from 150 to 300 THB, depending on many factors such as screening time, seat location, and so on.

For those who need a bit more comfort and privacy there are special VIP seats that allow you to enjoy the movie in a huge seat with extra leg room, pillows, blankets and even a pair of socks.

They are a bit more pricy though (tickets can cost up to 500 THB).

Check here for a fully detailed list of cinemas in Thailand (source: Wikipedia).

Bowling and karaoke

Bowling and karaoke usually go hand in hand and are located – as cinemas – on the top floor of various shopping malls.

Modern and large bowling alleys and karaoke booth are at your disposal every day a week and is a great opportunity to spend an amusing evening with your friends or family.

If your stomach starts to growl after striking down the pins or you need alcoholic refreshment after singing too much, there is the possibility to order food and drinks right to your spot.

Shopping at night

Bangkok has several night markets that offer all kind of merchandises and products to fair prices.

A really must-see for every visitor to Bangkok is of course the world famous Patpong night market located in the middle of Bangkok’s most famous red-light district.

Bargaining will have to become a routine but one gets quickly used to it.

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