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Pubs and Bars in Bangkok

Pubs & Bars in Bangkok

Most tourists to Bangkok come here in the hope of visiting a far-east city with the oriental flavors and its typical authenticity.

But once you have seen the local flavors and taken in your bit of the city in all its colors, most tourists are reminded of life back home.

Pubs in the city, represent that very flavor as has been discovered by many tourists and ex-pats here in Bangkok.

Far from the reputation and maddening crowd of the go-go bars of Bangkok are the other forms of nightlife, like those of the pubs, where you can sit down and relax while spending some hours with friends in a back home kind of ambiance.

The scenario of Bangkok pubs

Things have of course changed tremendously since then when Bangkok’s nightlife was limited to the Singha Beer massage parlors and the hastily dingy bars on dingy streets.

The Bangkok of today boasts an exciting nightlife with popular bars, pubs, live music, and trendy places where one can have a decent drink with friends.

Most of these pubs also serve great food as accompaniment.

So whether you have an urge for Irish, German, British, or even Thai beers, there’s always a pub close to you where you can easily find any or all of these to quench your thirst.

Thai beer is the best

Thai Beer, believe it or not, is more popular amongst foreigners and expats than brands such as Heinekken and Carlsberg.

The infamous Thai made Singha and Chang beer even export to various European, American, and Asian countires.

Where you can expect what in Bangkok pubs

The largest cluster of Western styled pubs can be found in the Sukhumvit area between Asoke and Prom Pong BTS stations.

Bei Otto on Sukhumvit Soi 22 is a German pub that serves local cuisine along with German beer and other imported drinks too.

The Dubliner, at the junction of Washington Square, is another Irish Pub which serves Guinness as well as Kilkenny apart from some authentic Irish cuisine too.

The Londoner, along Sukhumvit Road, as the name suggests reminds all citizens of the UK of the ambience back home with its true English colors and drinks served.

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