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Amarin Plaza Bangkok

Amarin Plaza

The Amarin Plaza is a great place for shopping and dinning. Though not many people know about the place, it has a secret charm which enthralls the visitors totally.

The Amarin Plaza holds a certain mystifying appeal that captivates the shoppers and visitors from all around the world.

The most fascinating thing about this grand plaza is that it caters to every kind of shoppers. From the upmarket high-end customers to the regular shopaholics, the Amarin has something for everyone.

The Amarin plaza believes in a concept they have named “Kolors of Style”.

The mall aims in making shopping a true fun experience for anyone through it’s many colors and beautiful design.

The goods sold here range from fashion to fine furniture, home décor, electronics, jewelry, Thai handicrafts, and much more.

What is the Amarin Plaza all about?

The Amarin Plaza houses around 22 restaurants and coffee shops, offering Thai, oriental and international gourmet to the every hungry visitors.

Besides the shopping, fine dinning is also a reason why to visit this mall.

Barnded stores like La Coste, Guy Laroche, Valentino and many other such stores are there to take care of your fashion queries.

The Amarin Plaza is also known for its beauty and spa section offering world-class spa treatments.

Other specialties include a store of handicrafts, home décor, and jewelry.

The plaza holds many cultural events as well, which attract tourists and locals to spectate the ethnic culture of Thailand.

Exhibitions of art, crafts and fashion as well as home decoration and travel are always ongoing in this eventful mall.

You might even stumble on a live concert at the plaza.

Amarin’s Tourist Information Center

One of the many unique features of the Amarin Plaza is their Tourist Information Center.

The Amarin Tourist Information Center guides travelers and tourists with all kinds of handy information to make your stay in the city as convenient and productive as possible.

The staff is well equipped with detailed information about Thai tourism.

Whether you are going on sightseeing, looking for day tours, or just on a search for the best authentic Thai cuisine, the friendly staff are always there to provide you with the necessary tit bits.

The whole experience at Amarin Plaza makes it worth a visit and stands out from the usual malls.

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