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Digital Gateway

Digital Gateway

As the name suggests, the Digital Gateway shopping mall in Bangkok is one of the rare malls which caters exclusively to one genre of shopping – electronics.

The mall is a massive structure with five floors and a parabola roof which seems to tower over all the surrounding streets and shops.

All major brands of electronics like Samsung, Nokia, Apple, Fujitsu, Sony etc. have huge show rooms here where one is sure to find all models of any electronic gadget that he wishes to browse through.

This shopping mall is a paradise for lovers of electronic gadgets. What makes it even better is the fact that fake or imitation gadgets are not sold here. One will find only genuine electronic products here which makes it a pretty safe place to shop in.

The best buys from the Digital Gateway include cameras, lenses and similar equipment.

All IT gadgets under one roof

The Digital Gateway shopping mall is the perfect mix of international IT brands like Sony, Samsung etc. as well as smaller lesser known brands of electronics which may be popular among the locals.

Whether you want to buy a small accessory like a camera lens or make a big investment in a wide screen television, this shopping mall has a wide range of everything.

This shopping mall is also considered to be a great place to simply do a research on all the options/discounts available before finalizing on a product.

Some non-IT stores are also located inside the shopping mall. There is a reasonably good book store and some small shops selling accessories like phone covers, sunglasses etc.

Although the mall is known for selling only genuine products, one should be cautious before buying from the smaller vendors who may sell counterfeit electronics.

Have your fill of tasty Japanese food

The food court of the Digital Gateway mall almost entirely comprises of only Japanese restaurants and food outlets.

For lovers of sushi and ramen noodles, the Digital Gateway food court will be a delight to visit. A couple of restaurants which one can try here are the Katsu King Japanese restaurant and the Tensho Yakitori Japanese Restaurant.

Alternatively, one can also head to a local café called the Milk Plus which is located just behind the shopping mall. The Thai milk tea and the brioche here are mouth-watering delights.

Keep track of the IT events at Digital Gateway

The Digital Gateway is not just a shopping mall but is also a popular venue for big IT events.

For electronics or gadget geeks, the mall is a great place to follow all the latest advancements in technology. The events are also a good way to keep track of the latest discounts or promotional offers.

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