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EmQuartier Bangkok


The EmQuartier mall in Bangkok has come up as a more upscale version of the Emporium shopping mall which is also owned by The Mall Group.

Both the malls are located opposite each other and the stark contrast couldn’t be more apparent.

The EmQuartier mall has been designed to be exclusively for the elite and rich.

While usual lifestyle shopping malls in Bangkok generally contain a mixture of local brands, a few international brands and street style shops where locals as well as tourists can shop their fill, the EmQuartier houses only high fashion international brands.

The mall has also been designed to be an example of modern architectural marvels.

The management has also tried to infuse a touch of greenery to the mall be making sure there are huge open spaces, overhanging terraces, indoor decorative plants and even a 40 foot man made waterfall.

Luxury and affordable shopping at EmQuartier

The EmQuartier is the second shopping mall in the tri-mall project by The Mall Group.

While the Emporium was a lifestyle mall, the EmQuartier leans more towards the finer and much more costly international brands.

Some famous brands which have opened stores at the Em Quartier are Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Dior.

A major chunk of the shoppers would generally not be able to afford these high end luxury brands. For them, the stores on the upper levels of the shopping mall would provide a better shopping experience.

Brands like Zara, H&M, Gap etc. have big stores in the EmQuartier.

One can even step into the stores of some of Thailand’s local brands like Greyhound, Kloset and Soda.

Splurge on a gourmet meal at The Helix Quartier

In line with its classy atmosphere, the food court at the EmQuartier shopping mall has been given a much more sophisticated and attractive name – The Helix Quartier.

Almost all restaurants here offer a luxurious dining experience and several of them are featured amongst Bangkok’s best restaurants.

Some popular restaurants one can try here are:

  • Croissant Taiyaki – The famous Japanese food chain has a restaurant at Em Quartier which offers delectable fish cakes with option of cold custard, ham and cheese or red bean.
  • Hot Star – A famous Taiwanese restaurant which offers the best spicy chicken. Also make sure to try the Hot Star Lemonade and the Shilin Squid.
  • Roast – The perfect place for a brunch with friends. Place an order for the in house speciality of eggs benedict with ham hock, croquette and Roast iced tea.
  • La Baguette – A French style pastry shop for your sweet cravings. The banana chocolate crepe and waffle sundae are to die for.
  • Takeaway Zone – Thailand’s famous food chains like Let Them Eat Cake, Yellow Spoon, Veganerie and Moonne have small outlets here from where you can take a parcel of goodies home.

Movies, spas and fittness

The shopping mall has a huge iMax theatre for movie screenings with ultra luxurious seats and an out of class screen and audio system.

For those who can afford it, the Virgin Active Fitness Center in the shopping mall is a membership only club which offers all kinds of temptations like spa facilities, indoor pool etc.

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