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Erawan Bangkok

Erawan Bangkok

Erawan is a great high-end shopping complex with excellent international cuisine and a great tea room. It’s very high-class, and you can find pretty much any international brand name here.

On the top floor you will find one of Bangkok’s best spa and beauty centers, highly recommendable to those who are into aromatherapy and the like.

The Erawan Shrine (San Phra Phrom), a small shrine considered very holy and fortune-bringing by locals, is close-by.

Erawan Bangkok

When you hear about Erawan Bangkok, it’s not anymore the famous Erawan Shrine or the Erawan Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bangkok only.

Since November 2004, when the old Sogo Department Store was converted into one a polished shopping mall, the name Erawan now relates to the elegant shopping place located beside the Grand Hyatt and the Erawan Shrine.

This five-storied shopping center itself is an eye-comforting architectural marvel and reflects the image of modern Bangkok.

The white veneer elegantly matches the nearby Erawan Grand Hyatt.

The whitish interior is also pleasantly elegant giving you the sense of a soft and stylish shopping mood. Probably that is one of the reasons the customers tend to come back again and again to this refreshing aristocrat mall.

Delicate international cuisine

The basement hosts a bunch of little eateries which are called together The Urban Kitchen. Some of these eateries are quite popular among tourists and locals.

Worth mentioning are the Crystal Jade, Kitchen Paradiso, La Milan, and The Olio Salad Bar. Some of the specialized eateries include the Chinese Xioa Long Bao and the Thai Nara.

You can also find an adult ice-cream parlor called the Amaltery and a steak shop called the Caeser Steak House.

If you want to enjoy the view of the Erawan Shrine while you take a cup of tea, just pop inside the Erawan Tea Room. This is a place where you can taste the tea from all over the world. Of course there are add-ons like delicious sweets and cucumber sandwiches.

Fashion shopping

Enough of food, let’s browse through the main attractions which this five-storied shopping complex has to offer: the boutique shops. They are located on the four upper floors.

This market is a specialized mall for top-notch clothes featuring brand shops like Comme des Garcons, Mc Q, Citizen of Humanity, Burberry, Boudoir, Chris Tofle, Espirt, and many more.

World-class spa

The top level also hosts a few beauty centers where you can avail all the possible wellness therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and hair spa facilities.

When you are done with these state-of-the-art wellness centers, don’t forget to carry with you some samples of their own products and souvenirs for your friends and family back home.

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