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Gateway Ekamai

Gateway Ekamai

The Gateway Ekamai is one of the rare themed shopping malls which feature all the classic elements of a shopping mall, but with a slight twist.

The Gateway Ekamai is located in the heart of Bangkok and is an all-out Japanese style mall.

Right from the interior decoration to the brand showrooms and the restaurants, each and every feature of the mall has been infused with the Japanese culture.

A visitor gets his first glimpse of Japan at the Gateway Ekamai through the Maneki-neko cat, or the Japanese Lucky Cat, which welcomes you at the gate. Inside the shopping mall, the decorations comprise of origami birds, lanterns, cherry trees and bamboo fountains, all of which are symbolic of traditional Japanese culture.

Experience shopping the Japanese way

Shopping at the Gateway Ekamai is sure to be a really unique experience. Unlike conventional malls, this shopping mall does not feature any of the popular Western brands.

In fact, the only brand name that one can recognize amongst the many shops is Boots and Watsons.

The mall is filled with showrooms which sell everything Japanese. Many local Japanese brands have their outlets here and they offer everything from clothes to beauty products to toys and games for kids.

For a Japanese living in Thailand, this shopping mall is a haven as he can get almost everything that would be available in a mall in Japan.

The leather bags shops and the herbal beauty treatment salons are shops worth visiting here for the cheap yet classy products.

Taste the authentic Japanese cuisine

Surprisingly, the Gateway Ekamai shopping mall is more famous for its food court and restaurants than it is for the shops.

In keeping with the theme of the mall, the restaurants here are either sub-branches of famous Japanese restaurants or are smaller outlets serving cheap but delicious Japanese dishes.

The shopping mall’s ground floor houses all the famous fast-food chains like Subway, KFC, Dairy Queen etc. However, the main food court is on floor M where one can taste authentic Japanese cuisine.

The most popular restaurants include R Burger which is an extension of the famous Tokyo fast food chain, Ramen Kourakuen, Hinaya and Chabuton.

The restaurants are all very affordable and offer a reasonably good ambience. The sushi options are a bit limited but other than that you won’t be disappointed.

Keep the kids entertained at Kidzoona

Apart from shopping and food, the Kidzoona centre in the shopping mall is another big reason to visit the Gateway Ekamai.

The center features several options for kids entertainment like air slides, trampolines etc. along with a learn while you play concept which will keep the parents also happy.

Take your pick of gadgets at the IT City

The IT city on the upper floors of the shopping mall is also a good place to visit, especially if you are planning to buy new electronic equipment. All major brands like Samsung, Apple etc. have huge showrooms here which offer endless browsing options.

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