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MBK Shopping Center Bangkok

MBK Bangkok

MBK Shopping Center (Mah Boon Krong) is the craziest and one of the most legendary shopping malls in Bangkok.

It covers an approximate area of 89,000 square meters and houses around 2,500 shops and 150 restaurants.

MBK has become a shopping paradise for the shoppers in and around of Bangkok as the prices for its good are reasonable and one may always try bargaining.

MBK – Bangkok’s most famous shopping mall

MBK is one of the most visited malls in Bangkok and is a favorite place amongst locals, ex-pats, and tourists alike.

With over 2,500 different kinds of shops, the MBK Mall houses nearly everything possible and is known to be a bit like a huge market where the goods are cheaper and bargaining is permitted.

It is also popular for selling various goods ranging from mobile phones, DVDs, CDs, other electronic goods, clothes (even winter clothes), Thai handcraft items, and much more.

The prices are very inexpensive and even further discounts can be applied.

If you are looking for an item that usually can’t be found elsewhere, there is a good chance that MBK has it.

While this mall is known to be for anyone who likes to grab bargains, there are some stores that offer high quality products such as the Isetan, for example.

The look of the MBK building is astounding and thus it is also considered as a remarkable piece of architecture in Bangkok.

The location of the shopping mall has also made it a huge success. It is centrally located opposite the Siam Square and can be accessed easily from almost every part of the city.

While most shopping malls are overpriced, MBK offers fantastic bargained prices on a wide range of products.

People generally come here on the weekends to get a good bargain for the things they wish to buy.

What to buy

Very famous and worth visiting is the electronics department on the 4th floor.

There are uncountable small shops selling mobile phones, new and used, to better prices. You may even sell your old phone or exchange it for a new one here.

When locals think about buying a new phone, the first place that comes to their mind is the 4th floor on MBK.

The MBK mall features also many stores which sell clothing articles.

Very popular are the fake-branded jeans such as Armani, Levi’s and Evisu, which tend to be of quite good quality.

T-Shirts can be found in all shapes and sizes, and are generally sold for 199 Baht. Unfortunately, they usually shrink after the first wash.

Readymade suits can also be bought for less than 3,000 Baht.

There are many other stores which cater to leather goods, jewelry, foot wears, cosmetics, home décor and furniture.

The specialty of this mall is that you get decent quality at an excellent price.

The food court at MBK

For those who are hungry after a long shopping day can enjoy some of the mouthwatering Thai and oriental delicacies, which the food court on the 6th floor has to offer.

The authentic Thai restaurants offer some of the county’s delicacies to decent prices.

For international dishes, the fifth floor of MBK has an international food court “The Fifth Food Avenue” with western, Italian and Japanese cuisine.

MBK has also many foreign food stalls such as the KFC, Black Canyon, Pizza Company and other fast food chains all over the place.

Pure entertainment at MBK

MBK is more than just a shopping center. Here you can get your daily dose of entertainment:

  • SF Cinema City multiplex
  • Karaoke rooms and bowling alleys
  • Gaming & internet cafes

Know what is awaiting you

Many of the products sold here are fake branded meaning they look exactly like the original but aren’t. This counts especially for clothing items such as shirts and jeans.

Being a foreigner the shop might overprice the goods, so bargaining is definitely worth considering.

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