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Shibuya 19 Bangkok

Shibuya 19 Bangkok

The Pratunam district of Bangkok is known for its street market selling a variety of clothes and fashion accessories. The district also houses three big malls which also cater to more or less the same type of crowd which throngs the Pratunam market.

Of the three malls, the Shibuya 19 is the newest and considered to be far ahead of the other two in terms of convenience in shopping, facilities and other entertainment options.

The Shibuya 19 shopping mall offers a more relaxed shopping experience.

The stores and shops in the mall stock much the same goods as those one would find out in the Pratunam market. The prices are also similar with a lot of scope for bargaining.

However, the Shibuya 19 mall does not have the usual crowded atmosphere and offers a cool air-conditioned space for a whole day’s worth of shopping.

Affordable fashion shopping at Shibuya 19

The name Shibuya has been inspired by a Japanese mall of the same name.

The Japanese Shibuya shopping mall has clear cut distinctions among its various floors on the categories of goods being sold.

In Bangkok’s Shibuya 19, there are no categorizations but all the shops are loosely organized according to “clothes”, “bags”, “shoes”, and “jewellery”.

Shopping at the Shibuya 19 can be a really fun experience since one can casually stroll around the mall picking up any piece of clothing or accessory that catches his eye.

All products in most of the shops are extremely cheaply priced.

There are hoards of fashionable t-shirts, tops, skirts and even some formal blouses and slacks which can be picked up for as little as 100 to 300 Baht.

Although there are no stores of any well-known local or international brands, the accessories stores are a must visit for their unbeatable prices and a wide selection choice for handbags, hair accessories and much more.

Treat yourself at the food court

The Shibuya 19 is known more for its shops than for the food. There is a huge McDonalds just inside the front entrance of the shopping mall which also acts as a landmark.

Apart from McDonalds, you can also rest a while at Starbucks before continuing the shopping spree.

The food court also has several multi-cuisine eating outlets.

You can also go for evening cocktails to the Glow Hotel which is directly on top of the shopping mall.

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