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Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is one of the most fashionable, chic and luxurious shopping malls in Bangkok. The mall includes a large number of different high-class stores, excellent restaurants, modern movie halls, and many entertainment zones.

There is even an under water world.

The architecture of Siam Paragon is also of astonishing beauty. However, it becomes rather difficult for anyone to get a full frontal view of the building as it is adjacent to the BTS skytrain and the bridge and pillars obstruct the view partially.

Shopping at Siam Paragon – what to expect

Siam Paragon has many prestige and high quality shops offering fashion clothes, beauty products, elegant watches and jewelry, modern electronics, designer art and handicrafts, fashionable interior goods, luxury lifestyle products and also luxurious sports cars.

Most products in Siam Paragon are of high quality and foreign descent.

Visitors can have a delightful shopping (or window shopping) experience like nowhere else in Bangkok.

The Siam Paragon also offers various other activities such as a cinema complex, karaoke booths, bowling alleys, and a fitness center. They are mostly located on the top floors.

Restaurants at Siam Paragon

The food court of the Siam Paragon is huge and houses around eighty restaurants and food pavilions which are again divided into different segments like Food Court, Gourmet Market, Food Hall Gallery, Food Hall, and Take Home.

There are many classy restaurants that offer delicious dishes from all over the world. Fast-food chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway, and Au Bon Pain are also plentiful.

Siam Ocean World

Probably the most fascinating thing about the Siam Paragon is the Siam Ocean World which is located in the basement of Siam Paragon.

The Siam Ocean World is divided into 7 sections, each containing a different theme. The aquariums house sea and fresh water creatures (sharks, eagle rays, penguins, otters) and various colorful fish from all over the world.

Every day there are shows such as the “Penguin Feeding Show” and the “Shark Feeding Show”.

There are of course many other shows to see. Check out the full list of Siam Ocean World’s shows and show times.

For more information about the Ocean World, check out their official homepage.

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