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Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is the number one destination when it comes to shopping and it can be a very pleasant experience, as long as you know what you want and where to look for.

Whether it’s one of Bangkok’s many shopping malls – and some of them will truly blow your mind – or one of Bangkok’s more authentic markets, you’re sure to find something you like and have a good time.

Enjoy shopping in Bangkok

You can find pretty much anything in Bangkok. There are so many shopping malls selling the latest international fashion that most cities in Asia would find it hard to compete, and yet there’s also a great selection of low cost, quality products to be found.

Most malls in Bangkok have a cinema and bowling complex to boot, and the usual “food court” – a whole floor dedicated to food and drinks.

Markets in Bangkok

Markets in Bangkok provide a very different atmosphere and have to be experienced in order to truly have a feel of Bangkok.

There are usually more diverse people roaming the markets since you’re more prone to find people from different social classes and of different ages.

In that sense, one could say the markets are more authentic since they give a great feel and insight of what the local culture and lifestyle is.

If you are more into a Thai-style market with air conditioner that offers nearly everything you can think of, you definitely should have a look at the mega-mall MBK Center which is located at the National Stadium BTS skytrain station (one stop from Siam).

Most shopping centers and department stores are open from 10am to 10pm, while markets are open around the clock.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – the biggest market in Bangkok

Every guidebook mentions a visit to the Chatuchak Weekend Market at least once before you leave and proclaim it the king of all markets throughout the world – and so do we!

Each weekend, roughly 200,000 people come to visit Chatuchak which holds up to 15,000 stores with an estimated 30 million Baht spent every day.

The range of products sold is absolutely incredible which include household accessories, handicrafts, souvenirs, religious artifacts, art, antiques, live animals, books, music, clothes, food, plants, flowers and much more.

Nobody that ever went in came out with empty hands!

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