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Condominium in Bangkok

Apartments and Condos in Bangkok

For those of you who have planned a long stay in Bangkok, whether for personal or business purposes, staying in an apartment or a studio seems to be an ideal solution.

While the real estate market in Bangkok is booming due to the influx of visitors and businessmen to the city, the prices of apartments and other rental options have seen a trend for the rise.

In contrast to staying in a hotel, staying in an apartment or a condominium of your own would equate to comfortable living with the ease and relaxed atmosphere of a home.

In Bangkok, apartments as well as condos are a cheaper option than staying in a single home or a hotel room.

A studio is the cheaper alternative, ideally suited for students or those who do not want to spend too much money on staying.

Most studios are a compact way of staying offering all the basics you need.

How to find apartments in Bangkok?

Finding an apartment in Bangkok is very easy! If you know in what area you would like to stay, all that is left is to scout the place for apartments, ask for availability, see the room and apply.

Nearly all apartment complexes in Bangkok have their company names written in big format so you can’t miss them.

Names like Tom’s Mansion, Best Apartment, and Good Luck Apartment are common names used to describe their service.

In Thailand, only minimal paperwork is needed in order to apply for a place.

All that is required is a valid passport and cash for the deposit (usually 3 months – 2 month security deposit and 1 month advance payment).

If unsure, there are also many agencies that help foreigners get settled in Bangkok.

Other avenues of searching for an apartment would include advertisements in the Bangkok Post, Internet sites, or by word of mouth from the expat community.

How much does the rent cost?

Prices for renting apartments depend primarily on the locality, size, and the facilities you might require.

If you have a company contract with your office, try not mentioning it to the landlord before hand. This invariably will increase the price.

The price for a normal studio/apartment in Bangkok can cost between 3,000 – 20,000 Baht.

As a general rule, the closer to the city (and also towards the main street) the higher the price. Especially places along Sukhumvit Road are known to be extremely pricey.

The monthly bill of a rented apartment in Bangkok

The monthly bill of a rented apartment in Bangkok consists of the following 3 items (excluding internet):

  • Room rent
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill

Worth mentioning are the electricity bills. While it really depends on how much electricity is used, the average bill will be at about 2,000 – 3,000 Baht per month.

Note that the price per unit for electricity is much higher in apartment than in condominiums.

Saving tips on renting apartments

  • Always look at the cost per electricity unit
  • Try to use a fan during day time (can cut the electricity bill up to 50%)
  • Usually there are promotions for longer contracts (pay less every month)

How long is the duration of a contract?

The duration of a contract for an apartment or condominium is in most cases 3, 6 or 12 months.

Remember that these terms are negotiable at some places. In most cases, the longer the contract, the cheaper the rent.

What about safety?

The great thing about Bangkok is that security is of high priority. Crime rates are decreasing as more and more security measures are being installed.

Nearly all apartments in Bangkok come fully equipped with high-tech security such as finger print access or face recognition systems, especially the newer buildings.

On top of that, there is 24/7 surveillance with CCTVs and security guards that patrol the entrance of the apartments.

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