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Hotels in Bangkok

Hotels in Bangkok

Thanks to the fact that Bangkok is a tourist hub as well as a center of commercial development, the city has numerous hotel suited to cater every style and pocket range.

Your search for hotels is guided by factors like price, area, luxuries, and style.

It is advised to look up hotels and book the rooms before you actually land in Bangkok as you might get a discount.

Like it is with all places, and especially tourist areas, the closer you want to stay to the center of the city the more it’s going to cost.

You might choose to stay somewhere a little out of town – by the river, perhaps – that way you can use the water transport available and have a great view from your room.

The Royal River Hotel is one such hotel that is reasonable on price and a good family getaway too.

The different types and classes of hotels

There are some who prefer going all the way for the traditional Thai experience and choose to stay in traditional Thai style hotels.

Chateau de Bangkok is one such place where you will get a feel of the traditional Thai treatment.

There are areas which are a bit further away from the city center, yet have all the facilities one would want.

Some of these areas like Ratchada, Rama 9, Ladprao, Ramkamhaeng, and Sala Daeng are a good option for budget travelers who need not spend a bomb, yet live in relative luxury within the city.

One of the old and elegant hotels of the city is the Oriental Bangkok Hotel (48, Oriental Avenue). The beautiful rooms will cost you around $300-$400 per night.

Taking an afternoon tea at its Bamboo Bar is quite popular among the tourists.

The Sukhothai (13/3, Thanon Sathorn Tai) is the stylish blender of the past and present of Thai architecture. The excellent service within a pricetag of ($280-$310) makes this hotel a favorite among the executives.

Hotels in different areas in Bangkok

The city is divided into six main zones and you can choose to stay in a hotel in any of these according to your preferences.

The old Don Muang International Airport area with hotels like, Sofitel Central Plaza; Silom area with hotels like The Sukhothai Hotel; Sukhumvit area with Hilton International; Riverside area with hotels like Shangri La, are few of the many choices available to you.

It is of course recommended that you choose a hotel wisely in order to enjoy your stay in the city.

Guesthouses: the cheaper alternative

If you are among those travelers who are either on a tight budget or don’t want to stay in a commercial hotel, guesthouses in Bangkok is your best bet.

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