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Guest House in Bangkok

Guest Houses in Bangkok

A guesthouse is a privately run accommodation that accommodates guests like a commercial hotel. Most of the time, guesthouses in Bangkok have a homely ambience as they are run by a family and the inmates are treated like extended family members.

The rapid growth of the tourism in Bangkok has convinced many owners to open their own guesthouse in and around the city fringes of Bangkok.

By enlisting into a guesthouse you can avoid the costly prices of hotels, and find yourself surrounded by other fellow backpackers and travelers.

What a guest house has to offer

Guesthouses are spread all over Bangkok, but special mention needs to be made of the numerous ones in Khao San Road.

Known to be a haven for backpackers, this road has numerous guesthouses where you are offered plenty of options in terms of rent, accommodation, and facilities.

The range for guesthouses is as varied as that of hotels. While guesthouses can be found in Bangkok for less than 100 Baht per night, they often lack in comfort and quality.

There are also of course fancier and bigger guesthouses with plenty of facilities and good food too, ranging from 300 to 600 Baht.

A budget of around 300 Baht or more is enough to secure you some of the best guesthouse rooms and accommodation facilities.

Such facilities usually include:

  • Attached bathroom with hot water
  • Well furnished rooms and a TV
  • Good homely food
  • Security
  • Cleaning service (not always)

There are also “luxurious” guesthouses in the price range of 400 to 600 Baht where you are also provided with air conditioners, refrigerators, a mini bar room service, swimming pool facilities, and more.

Where to find guest houses in Bangkok

If you plan to stay in Bangkok for an extended period it would be a good idea to book a guesthouse in advance.

Finding a decent vacant place might be a difficult task, especially those located in the prime locations (such as Khao Sarn Road) during peak seasons.

If your stay is long, you might even bargain a deal at rates that are better than those normally applied.

Most guesthouses allow sharing the room with friends, although there are restrictions in some places.

It is advised to inform yourself beforehand about the room tariff in case you have a friend staying over.

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