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Bangkok City at Night

Bangkok City

Bangkok is one of the world’s fastest growing cities yet it still upholds its traditions and cultural heritage.

The city was founded in 1782 on the river Chao Phraya.

It was the Burmese sacking of the old capital of Ayutthaya in 1767 when the king decided to shift the capital in this swampy trading locality.

The city was built following the layout of the old capital Ayutthaya with defensive canals dug around the Grand Palace (the official residence of the king till the last century).

Today, Bangkok stands as one of the Asia’s busiest capitals and a heaven of shopping, travel and entertainment.

The metropolitan city of Bangkok covers 1569 square kilometers. The location is right in the heart of a delta which is the world’s most fertile rice-producing delta.

There is also an extensive network of natural and artificial canals crisscrossing the city, which are connected to the lifeline of Bangkok; the sacred river Mae Nam Chao Phraya.

This network or river and canals once gave Bangkok its name as the “Venice of the East”, but most of the original canal system is now gone under the land reclaimed from the water for the growth of the city and its streets.

Bangkok is one of Asia’s easiest cities to reach. The Suvarnabhumi airport, located 30km east of the capital isthe biggest airport in South East Asia.

The old airport to the north of the city (Don Muang) is now used for national flights or flights within Southeast Asia.

How to get around in Bangkok

To move inside the city, Bangkok’s BTS skytrain (an elevated railway used as a mass rapid transit) is a popular, quick and clean way of transportation.

The trains operate from 6 am to midnight and cover a big part of the city.

Bangkok has also has a subway (MRT Metro) with 24 stations. Some stations have interconnections to the skytrain. As the BTS skytrain, operation hours are from 6 am to midnight.

The city has an extensive bus service, too. However, slow traffic and complicated network makes it the last choice for a tourist.

You can also avail taxis or Bangkok’s famous tuk-tuks (rickshaws).

Activities – things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of Asia’s must-see cities. Numerous temples, museums and historical sights are sufficient to keep you busy for weeks.

Worth mentioning are the Grand Palace (former official residence of the king), Wat Pho (with a 46-meter reclining Buddha), and Wat Traimit (with a 5 and a half ton solid gold Buddha).

Bangkok has many attractions that carters to every taste like Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm (world’s largest with 60000 crocodiles), Snake Farm, floating markets, and the ancient city of Bangkok called Muang Boran.

The city is a paradise for sports enthusiasts. See our list of popular sports activities and courses in Bangkok.

Bangkok also boasts numerous of excellent spas, massage parlors, and all sort of therapy and wellness treatment.

It is also popular among the tourists to catch a course of yoga or meditation.

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is the shopping paradise for shopping and it can be a very pleasant experience, as long as you know what you want and where to look for it.

Whether it’s one of Bangkok’s many shopping malls – and some of them will truly blow your mind – or one of Bangkok’s more authentic markets, you’re sure to find something you like and have a good time, enjoying good food along the way.

Thai food – eating in Bangkok

Eating in Bangkok and other provinces of Thailand can be a unique culinary experience as most Thai food dishes evoke all four senses of taste at the same time – sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

A must for every visitor to the land of smiles is to try Bangkok’s street food. The name might be a bit intimidating at the beginning but you will be surprised by the food quality, taste and freshness.

Bangkok’s exciting nightlife

Bangkok offers a huge range of banging night clubs, wild and sexy go-go bars, classic western-style bars and pubs and a lot more for all tastes and age groups.

Witness how empty streets and alleys transform themselves into lively, colorful and vibrant nightlife areas offering live music, classic jazz, trendy electronic music, head banging hip hop or any other style of music of your taste.

Bangkok’s nightlife is something that you have witness!

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