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Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is amongst the largest rivers in Thailand and serves as a major route of transportation for ferries and water taxis. It is very common for visitors to plan river cruises as a part of their visit to Bangkok.

The river is 372 km in length and travels much into the central plains of Bangkok and into the inland gulf of Thailand. The trip along Chao Phraya River is a very exciting and enjoyable thing to do, either in during daytime or in the evening with dinner served on the river cruise.

Attractions & entertainment

While in Bangkok, a visit to the Chao Phraya River would be an ideal way of not only to entertain yourself but also to witness local culture, temples, tourist attractions, and as well excellent Thai food.

There are plenty of cruises that you can opt for while wanting to see the river and its adjacent attractions. Not only will you witness the exotic beauty of Thailand, a cruise ride will enable you to relax and be a part of the traditional Thai way of living.

You might either opt for a day cruise or a night one. The view and the experience of both are exhilarating and different. A must see is catching the sunset along the river which can be a very romantic and unforgettable moment.

River cruises

One of the most famous river cruises is the Chao Phraya Express Boat (Tourist Boat) which can be taken from Tha Sathon Pier at the BTS skytrain station Saphan Taksin. The boat service tops at 10 major piers which provide convenient access to sites in surrounding areas such as The Grand Palace, Wat Phra Keaw, Wat Pho, Royal Barge Museum, China Town, Khao San Road and more.

The price for a day-ticket is 150 Baht per person and can be purchased at any pier.

Visit Chao Phraya Express Boat‘s official website for more information on cruises, fares and destinations.

There are many cruises that offer different kinds of activities and trips. The Bangkok Noi district belongs to the most popular tourist destinations as you can explore local life that thrives along the canals. The view here is great and you can be a part of the old Thai style of living and the famous floating markets, which serve the population on the water.

You might ask your hotel to book you a cruise and ask for guidance on what will be shown to you in advance. Among the most delectable sights while on any cruise are:

This and that

The Chao Phraya originates at the confluence of the Ping and Nan River, which is situated in the Nakhon Sawan area. The river happens to be one of the world’s biggest fruit as well as paddy producing areas, mainly due to its rich alluvial soil which is a part of the river deposit.

It is also host to the many floating markets as well as other water related activities that help in growth of trade. Tourists find it a good place to sample local Thai tradition in a La Venice’ style.

History of the Chao Phraya River

History has it that the name of the Chao Phraya River bears reference to a traditional Thai feudal title.When translated literally, the name is symbolic of a General or the Lord.

It is thus justified that this river is often called as the “River of Kings”.

History has borne testimony to the fact that this river has been extremely important in the trade and developing economy of the country. It has gradually developed into a waterway that is a great means of transportation for the plenty of water ferries which carry supplies into the mainland.

There have been a number of cities and towns that have cropped up along the flow of the river since the river has been largely used as a waterway to promote and boost the growth of the Thai economy.

Uthai Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Singburi, Chainat are some of the more important cities which have grown along the length of the river. The fertile lands, rich in minerals along the low alluvial plain of the small canals which are just off from the main river, are used for rice cultivation.

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